A Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket is the only option..


 Well, Well, Well…Clinton won three out of the four states last night. I must admit I didn’t see that coming (check out my last post..lol) good for her bad for us ‘Obama-mamites’…lol nah just kidding…but seriously she won not by playing FAIR but by playing up FEAR another tactic that unfortunately for her has a very, very short life span when it comes to Democrats but it worked and Texas unexpectedly slid into her column. 

Clinton has once again used tactics that I wouldn’t have expected from a Democrat, let alone Hillary Clinton, to beat another Democrat but she’s gotta do what she’s gotta do and instead of eloquently voicing my anger and frustration in this blog I have chosen instead to focus on where we go from here now that it is quite clear that neither democratic candidate intends to budge and rightfully so before the convention.

Hillary intends to fight on and that is her prerogative I don’t think that she should be forced out prematurely let the people decide.  The rules and only the rules should determine how and when she concedes to Obama. Obama shouldn’t be pushed to concede either because he doesn’t have the full support of the so called party establishment (super delegates or whatever). Now, if a nominee isn’t decided by June then it’s up to Michigan and Florida. If these two states are allowed to redo their primaries then their delegates should be seated since both candidates would’ve been allowed to fully campain within their boundaries and the results would ultimately have been fair and it seems that both camps as well as party officicals in both states are in favor of this possible solution.

If after the Michigan and Florida do overs in June and we still don’t have a nominee Obama and Clinton should sit down and decide to be on the same ticket for this is only way to coalesce and appease all the different groups Obama and Clinton have amassed in their respective bases and all these groups will be needed in order for the democratic party and the democratic presidential nominee to march triumphantly towards a win in the general election. 

To be quite honest if you had asked me a few weeks ago if I would’ve been in favor of this I would’ve said NO WAY because I haven’t approved of the statements made by Bill Clinton, surrogates in the Clinton campaign or the attitude of Hillary herself towards Obama’s candidacy however, if this is not settled sooner rather than later McCain will have a BIG advantage on the Democratic nominee in November and the prospect of another Republican presidency, even that of John McCain is distasteful and unacceptable.

But I will say this if Obama gets to the convention and is then pushed aside by the super delegates for Clinton I will sit out this election and I will do everything in my power to get other Obama supporters to do so as well..I may even consider joining the Republican party..who knows.. because the idea of the democratic party elite choosing the nominee instead of the people is undemocratic and against everything that I believe liberals and the democratic party should stand for.

However, if the two candidates reach a mutual decision that puts country and party first and the people are also in agreement how can I not support an Obama/Clinton, Clinton/Obama ticket!

Now that’s the real question which name goes first..maybe they’ll toss a coin?..LOL


4 thoughts on “A Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket is the only option..

  1. You say that the rules should determine who concedes, but then later you hope that the two campaigns will come to a mutal decision. Wouldn’t that be outside the rules and quite undemocratic?

  2. Hi Ali-Asad,

    No. I don’t think that my reasoning is outside the rules or undemocratic but I can understand why it might appear that way.

    You see, in this case and in most cases rules govern the process in order to lead to a solution but so far the process isn’t working in favor of a solution.
    So in order for a solution to be reached without changing the rules the candidates will have to find a resolution to the problem at the end and only at the END of the process.

    In order for Obama or Clinton to become the nominee he/she needs 2, 025 delegate. And based on all the projections neither candidate will have that number at the end of the process. However, if by some miracle after all the primaries/caucuses/do overs take place one of them does reach that number then he/she should become the nominee (and I don’t think it should be given to the person that comes the closest either..that’s not the way it works)..

    However if that does not happen then the candidates and the campaigns should work it out among themselves with or without a respected mediator but without super delegate involvement I know the rules call for super delegate involvement but that is at the convention and I think that the campaigns should be able to resolve the issue before then…

    You see if it isn’t resloved before August it will not appear as having been won fairly by the ultimate nominee and the fractures and rifts in the party will be too great and too fresh in the hearts and minds of the supporters of the unsuccessful candidate to be repaired in time for the general election in November!!

    Thank you so much for your comment Ali-Asad.

  3. Hey Ali,

    I have but in my reasoning superdelegates shouldn’t be needed because if they are and the choose one candidate over the other the nomination process will be tainted-no matter how you try to split it!

    But if it does come down to them they should vote as their district voted and if they have no district well I guess they should vote however they want and that is where the problem lies if it’s left up to the party elite the process is no longer democratic…

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