David Shuster back on MSNBC..



First time I’ve seen David Shuster on the air since he was suspended for that Chelsea Clinton comment.. he was on air during Morning Joe..it’s nice to see him again..I like him.. I hope he hasn’t been permanently scarred because of this…


One thought on “David Shuster back on MSNBC..

  1. David Shuster won’t be scarred from this incident, but Hillary Clinton will be. Thanks to the fraternal way the American media works, Clinton’s “hit” on Shuster led to her being beleaguered in retaliation by all of the liberal networks – CNN, MSNBC, and the local networks for calling out one of their brothers. Obama’s a lucky dude: Born in Hawaii, living in a 2 million dollar home, Harvard and Columbia educated, and yet he was the opposite of the “elite” candidate? Ridiculous.

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