Condoleezza Rice as John Mccain’s VP?


You gotta be kidding me right?

I’ve heard Ms. Rice’s name mentioned a few times as a possible running mate for John McCain but I always thought it was just pundits talking bs..(you know kinda like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich or Mike Gravel actually believing that they could be kidding in my world Paul and Kucinich would both have terms) but I started hearing the rumblings again and I can’t believe that people are actually thinking that Rice would be on John Mccain’s short list.

This is amazing, I’m starting to wonder if some people in the media aren’t just bandying  her name around because she’s one of only a few nationally recognizable black Republicans? COME ON!!

Listen, people for one thing she’s already said no and she’s not even doing the smiling, maybe thing..she really means it and just because there is qualified, black person running on the democratic side doesn’t mean that you have to have a qualified black person running on the republican side to even things out!

You might think we (black people) need for that to happen but believe me we don’t unless you guys are the ones secretly needing FOR THAT to happen (hmm..i wonder) but believe me in time the Republicans will have a qualified black candidate up there running for president (only God knows when..but it will they might have missed the boat with Colin Powell a few years ago but I’m sure there will be other chances to talk about the black, republican guy/gal running for president 2008 just isn’t that time so stop trying to make it don’t we have enough drama as it is? LOL


7 thoughts on “Condoleezza Rice as John Mccain’s VP?

  1. I’m a Republican. Rice is closer to being McCain’s choice than you think.

    Right now, McCain has a posse of nobodies to pick from. The Movement People are urging him to pick Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty, among others. Aside from the fact that Mitt, for example, is a huge phony that McCain can’t abide, he ran a losing campaign and went through about 100 million dollars doing so. Pawlenty, for his part, is a huge unknown. There are others. Rudy, JC Watts, Steele, Sanford of Carolina, and of course, the now pregnant Sarah Palin of Alaska.

    They have name recognition issues that Rice doesn’t have. Rice is hugely popular with the Republican rank and file, which is really, really hard for black people to understand. She is more popular than Bush out in the country with GOPers, and has been for some time. McCain knows this, and will probably need someone guaranteed to do three things:

    1. Add to foreign policy street cred and be an instantaneous President if something happens to Honest John.

    2. Solidify the Rank and File for the fall campaign.

    3. Be the “Not Cheney”.

    Obama is about the make the terminal mistake of his political life by saddling himself with Hillary Clinton as his Vice President. McCain is holding his ace card until Barack commits himself, then he’ll play. Everythng is falling into place for him to pick Rice (ignore her denials and protestations about going back to Stanford-Rice will do her duty when called upon. When you get to that level, it’s what you do.). We have to see how much damage Hillary does to the Democratic Party in the service of her own ambition first.

    Even on a losing McCain/Rice ticket, Rice would be well placed to influence Republican politics in 2012 and beyond.

  2. Hello Section 9,

    I follow your argument but I have a few questions for you..

    1. You say Rice is ‘more popular than Bush out in the country with GOPers’ are you talking conservative republicans or moderates? Because Rice, is pro choice and isn’t that religious from my understanding how will she help McCain who needs to unify the party and build up HIS creds with conservatives not moderates?

    2. Foreign policy cred is not something McCain needs and he also doesn’t need for one of his critical general election bases, independent/republican leaning democrats and national security democrats, to be reminded of the Bush era so why would he choose someone so closely tied to the failed policies of that era instead of someone with no ties or stronger ties to the successes?

    3. In the GOP south, where racial tensions are still moderately high do you really think a black women as VP would be well received by the white southern base of the party?

    Section 9, thank you so much for your comments and make sure you get back to I can’t wait to hear your views on these questions!!!

  3. While watching the Charlie Rose show, early February, the most amazing endorsement for Condi Rice came from Dr. Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention group. He said that IF McCain wants to win, he would everything in his power to get Condi to be his VP. Now why hasn’t the mainstream media picked up on this morsel of evangelical news? Anybody can guess that it is because she is the daugher of a minister, and years of education and hard work to get to the point where today she is the most powerful woman in our nation. She is right at the table helping the president make policy and then she is able to put that policy into action. Pelosi does not have that same power, nor can she achieve it as the Speaker of the House.

    Vicki respects Condi. And so do I. She has an amazing life story to tell to our nation: a woman who came from segregation, a woman who is tough and able to stand toe-to-toe against any leader while defending our nation. Now that sounds like the perfect VP for McCain.

  4. I think Condi Rice would be an excellent choice for McCain. She is very religious, and I think that what she calls “mildly pro-choice” is really going to turn out to be more pro-life than one might suspect. She is very eloquent, and when voters hear her life story, I believe she will attract a broad cross-section of voters. I realize there are those who can’t stand her, but these are mostly the Bush haters who would never vote for McCain anyhow. I do believe that the far-left has tried to trash her by tying her to Iraq. It has had an effect, but it has not ruined her. I think most Americans respect her as a hard-working, diligent, Sec. of State. She transcends sex and race, and I don’t think moderate and conservative Southern whites would hesitate to vote for her .Since McCain has largely staked his campaign on success in Iraq, Condi does not really lose many voters on that issue. I think even her interest in music, fitness, and sports are all positives for her. I don’t think she would deliver for McCain any particular state but would serve him well in almost all states, more so than the Senators and Governors currently mentioned. I think she would be not only an historical but also a bold choice that would bring a huge amount of excitement to the campaign. She would be my ideal vice-presidential condi-date!

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