Gov Eliot Spitzer of NY involved in prostitution ring


The ‘word’ involved in this context is a kicker isn’t it?…lol

The NY times is reporting that the first term NY democratic governor is about to be named as a client in a prostitution ring apparently he’s about to make an announcement….

I know everyman has two sides but this is unacceptable if proven to be true. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say…I really hope that if it’s true he resigns and that he goes away swiftly before this causes even more problems for the democrats.

Man oh man the democratic party is something else in an election year where we’re holding all the cards, great candidates, loads of money and a receptive political climate we’re going to blow it all. Believe me, we liberals will find someway to muck it all up and at the same time give ammunition to the Republicans and for years to come we’ll be talking about what went wrong! You just you’ll see…

I’m so serious when I say this but if the democrats lose this general election I’m becoming a Republican!!!


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