Ladies of the Emperor’s Club V.I.P continued..




I wonder what the ladies did with all that money?

And I wonder how the ladies with only three diamonds felt when they looked at the ladies with seven or six?


24 thoughts on “Ladies of the Emperor’s Club V.I.P continued..

  1. Why is this illegal? Feel sorry for wife doesnot look like happy camper ..But for GOV as long as he didn’t expense it ,use state police for protection for girls who later become his third wife ,hes still more honest than America’s favorite mayor Rudy…

    Really, why is this illegal ?Because only old rich white guys can afford it? make it legal ..Healthy, unionize the girls … But than they would only make 20.00 hr instead 5k ..
    Forget it , keep illegal let girls make more money …
    Polticans been F##King us maybe time working girl did to them for for us . 5k? better be 5 diamonds ..Suprised AAA doesn’t sue for using it’s diamonds logo .

    3 diamonds is Holiday Inn
    2 diamonds days Inn
    1 diamond is flop house waiting get kicked out ..

  2. Oh no Abel, that last part is

    Don’t know if I agree with making it legal..I have to think about that one a bit more..I have thought about but I’m still a bit unclear about where I stand…

    As for feeling sorry for his wife with that there is no disagreement.

    I can’t believe the dude did all this stuff on Valentine’s day..I freak out if my husband doesn’t get me a nice gift after he’s says something mean or done something really stupid I don’t know how i would react if he did this on Valentine’s day…only God knows what would happen to him but I sure as hell wouldn’t be up there standing at his side that’s for damn

  3. My question is what do the diamond ratings translate to? I mean, they all look great (even if they may be too thin for some, haha), so do more diamonds mean they’re a little more freaky-deaky than one of the other girls?

  4. I KNOW Sean..what the hell do those diamonds mean?

    Yeah, maybe you’re right but if that’s the case what the hell do you have to do for $5, 500 an hour?

    You know what I take that back..I DON’T want to

  5. They’re not skinny, they’re just right. Looks like some fat cows are trying to make themselves feel better. ROFL.

  6. Ok..JohnnyBlaze..

    I don’t think anyone is trying to say the ladies are horrible looking but some just prefer ladies with a little bit more meat on their bones and that’s ok..

  7. And the fat cow comment was totally uncalled for..I’ll let it go this time but not the next..k..let’s try to keep this civil ok..

  8. And the fat cow comment was totally uncalled for..I’ll let it go this time but not the next..k..let’s try to keep this civil ok..

  9. I think the girls on the site look pretty. They have to be in order to command that kind of prices.

    As long as they don’t have businesses set up next to my house, I don’t really care what people do with their money and time.

    I suppose soliciting prostitutes is better than misleading young interns and hurting little girls’ feelings. At least prostitution is a transaction and both parties are fully aware of what they’re getting into.

  10. umm…many races can afford these broads. there are many many rich black, asian and latino men in the usa. and lord only knows what the shady rich saudis in the usa are doing. the poor wife! i just have to issues…why do these guys think it wont get out? and will this officially stop the heckles about senator craig?

  11. Little head takes over the big head everytime.

    There are dozens of beautiful escorts in DC.
    Spitzer’s big head wasn’t in gear – little one was.

    Must have seen this cutie before and got emotionally
    attached. Had to have her, so put her on Amtrak, NOW!

  12. I am actually a working girl and as the diamonds go… the more diamonds that you are the more of a GFE you are (girlfriend experienced) … Men like to feel like they are having a one night stand but mostly want to be with another women as a side girlfriend. So the more diamonds you are worth the better you are!

    Does anyone know if the girls were brought in to the police?
    the ones that work for the agency

  13. Hey meme,

    Thanks so much for responding and enlightening us…

    I have a few questions for you though if it’s ok?

    Don’t the other girls get jealous when they see that and doesn’t it make things even more complicated for the lives of the women involved?

    And who determines the ranking? The clients?

    As for the ladies I haven’t seen anything in regards to them but I’m sure the police talked to them..don’t they always in cases like these?

  14. It is very illegal because Spitzer sent money over state lines. Also, Spitzer transportated women over state lines for criminal activity. Also, prostitution is illegal in D.C. That is why he is in trouble.

  15. Perhaps the women with fewer diamonds feel bad about that. But, I suppose that if a person is renting herself out (either as a prostitute or as a “friend for hire”) then she probably already feels a bit bad. Then again, maybe the large amounts of cash a person would make helps to ease the pain.

    While everyone who works (myself included) does rent themselves out for money, this sort of “renting” does seem to damage human dignity.

    As the feminists might say, the women are being sold like products to men (or maybe women as well-who knows if they have an equal opportunity option) for money and that is an attack on their very status as human beings. How can they sleep at night knowing what they are doing.

    But, as people who like money might say, “I’m sure they sleep very well. If not, they can just count the thousands of dollars they make until they feel sleepy.”

  16. I live in Canada. As far as our law goes prostitution is 100% legal. Prostitution is defined as making or accepting an offer, money or property, in exchange for sexual services. The illegal part is the solicitation of services in a public place, living off the avails (pimping), running a bawdy house, minors, and confinement. So if you are a legal prostitute you must work on the street. Very stupid if you think about it but that is the only way it is legal. Period.

    With escorting a person exchanges time and companionship for an hourly compensation. Whatever may happen on the date is entirely up to the two consenting adults. In order to be an escort you must obtain a yearly license of approx
    $180 if you are employed by an agency or massage parlor
    $2000 if you are independent escort (work for yourself)
    $5000 if you run an escort agency
    With the independent license you must report every single client you see and details of your encounter, also they will make sure to label you a sex trade worker(not an escort) in the event you die, it will be on your passport, and you may not be allowed into the states. Because of this many chose not to get the license.

    Here is where things get complicated… Technically escort licensing is a municipal bylaw, but somewhere along the line the police thought that they should do regular “stings” to nab the unlicensed escorts and shut down agencies (who are supposedly living off the avails) and massage parlors. These are the ONLY safe ways to practice this line of work. It is very sick and corrupted, it would be safe to say these women are being extorted by the very ones who are supposed to protect them, the police.

    Sadly I knew a girl who was killed on a call. She was 20 years old, university student, wonderful person, and came from a nice normal family who had no idea she was in this business until she was murdered. Needless to say the city made sure to place her picture in the newspaper, front page titled “local escort killed!” Her killer will be serving 10 years.
    There is nothing honourable about this line of work, although it is the oldest profession known to man, it is a necessary service. If you are not hurting anyone what is the big deal? I’ll tell you what it is… it is a cash business. Collecting pedophiles, rapists, killers makes no money for the government, little effort is put into finding missing persons.
    I am 20 years old I own a big house, a benz, I do not drink or do drugs, and you will never find a tatoo on me. You will never guess how I can have it all at my age, but if you ask about my possessions I’ll grin and reply “Some guy gave it to me as a gift”

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