Some of the ladies Eliot Spitzer might be linked too…


These are some of the women Spitzer might be linked too…apparently these ladies at the Emperor’s Club VIP could charge up too $5,500 an hour!!!

You read that right, people, 5 500 an hour!

There’s so many ways I could go with this but I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t but it’s killing me not too though…lol.

Daniella is the only one that apparently comes closest to charging that $5, 500 fee!

And there’s more..if you want to read all the sordid but juicy (you know you do..go details check out the federal indictment against Spitzer and apparently he likes his ladies petite…lol..


One thought on “Some of the ladies Eliot Spitzer might be linked too…

  1. If you’re curious about a call girl’s life you can read my blog. One thing that concerns me about this life is a fear of being ‘outed,’ the way “Kristen” has been. Most escorts advertising on the Internet are more likely to be outed by their own clients (the ones who write reviews of their experiences with prostitutes on local message boards and blogs). For most of us, not linked with some powerful/celebrity figure, that is bad news. Family, friends, and co-workers discovering I’m an escort would be devastating.

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