New York’s first black governor?


It’s a shame it had to come like this but according to most reports and with an avalanche of calls for his resignation Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer is expected to resign today and if he does  Lt. Gov. David Paterson, an African American, will be sworn in as the 59th Governor of the State of New York.

Paterson who is legally blind would become the the fourth-ever African-American United States governor, now that stat is pathetic, but at least we’re on our way to changing the status quo of one other major political office that has been out of our grasp for the last two hundred years with Obama!


5 thoughts on “New York’s first black governor?

  1. Hey Winslie,

    It’s long over due isn’t it?

    I hope that Spitzer doesn’t drag this out too long the public and his peers want his head and I don’t see how he can go on and be effective after this..

  2. He (Spitzer) appears to be in a bigger heap of *£** than just having sex with a prostitute, no doubt there will be more revelations to follow.

    I find it worrying that a progressive nation such as the US has difficulties with gender and race for the position of leadership.
    especially in a world of turmoil as we have globally.

  3. Look something like this in continental Europe like in France would never catch the same attention as it does here.

    I hope Gov. Spitzer does not resign. Others have done worst like former Prez ‘slick bill’ Clinton and senator Craig.

    I hope he weathers the storm. He’s done well for the most part dissolving organized crime . . . so he slipped up a couple of times . . . so what.

    This is yet another politically motivated attack orchestrated.

  4. Good Bye Spitzer you broke the law!

    And, if the women which were paid for their services happens to end up in a jail cell, then Spitzer should be their bunky.

    Men buy prostitutes and go home – the women go to jail. Prostitution oughta be legal. Let’s focus on health-care, loss of jobs etc.

    But, until then bye Spitz and Welcome Lt. Gov. David Paterson, an African American, that will be sworn in as the 59th Governor of the State of New York.

    Here Here!!

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