His wife, Silda Spitzer, was there by his side again!!



I can’t imagine being her and I think from now these men shouldn’t drag their wives or partners up there on stage with them when they announce such disasters!

It just makes them look like bigger jerks..you know?


3 thoughts on “His wife, Silda Spitzer, was there by his side again!!

  1. I, as a woman was somewhat angry at the Mrs. yesterday – that stand by your man, not at the expense of my healthy self-esteem and self-esteem is very important.

    But, when I looked at her today standing there, as a woman/a human being – my heart cracked for her.

    She’s married to a slimy pig dog, if Spitzer was single then so what, you know.

    Let me ask you this what if the tables got to turning and the scripts got to flipping. The First Ladies etc. started getting caught prostituting or even buying them some fresh hot hunky well endowed male prostitutes.

    Think their husbands would stand by them?

  2. Vicki,

    Exactly..I started thinking about the same thing..if the script was flipped do you think a first husband or whatever a man would be called would stay with his wife if she did something like that..

    I wounder..I’m going to pose the question and see how many guys say yes, they would stand by their woman!

    Bet you it wouldn’t even reach 50%..

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