The Clinton campaign’s disgusting, political tactics


So Obama is only where he is because he’s black.

Forget about his intellect, his determination, his hard-work, his charisma, his personal integrity etc…forget about all of that…he only got where he is because he’s a black man in America, because being a black man in America comes with loads and I mean loads of advantages..LOL LOL…LOL..LOL..

Now you know it doesn’t surprise me that one of the Clinton people Geraldine Ferraro, former Democratic Vice Presidential candidate and Clinton fundraiser would make such a demeaning comment about Obama.

From the onset of this process the Clintons have been trying to relegate Obama to the sidelines and to confine him in a political box by simply defining him as the ‘black candidate’.

Bill Clinton tried in South Carolina with his comments about Jesse Jackson when no such question was posed. Didn’t work!

But that was just the tip of the iceberg before that there was the fairy tale comment, Hillary Clinton and the Martin Luther King needed Lyndon Johnson comment and the Ed Rendell and whites not voting for Obama  comments (this maybe the case but should it be accepted and reinforced by a governor/elected official?) and those  are the comments that have garnered national attention!

Who knows what else has been said at the rallies and events when the cameras were turned off and the reporters weren’t listening?

I understand that this is national politics and if you’re going to play with the big boys and gals you’ve got to throw down. You’ve got to punch hard and be able to take a few punches as well but the Clintons have taken this political boxing match to a new level in trying to appeal to their base supporters.

Clinton, as I’ve discussed before appeals to a specific type of voter in the democratic party white, uneducated, low income individuals. And these individuals in particular look at Obama with some reservations some will claim that it’s because of his lack of  so called ‘experience’, his policies etc, etc but I believe that if we strip away the facade and the bs, many, low income, white voters have their reservations because of the color of his skin.

We can examine the reasons for this in another blog but in all honesty this is their choice if Obama is unable to sway them with his arguments and his message and his beliefs then Clinton should receive their vote and vice-versa. 

However, what truly bothers me and many other black voters, to be so presumptuous, is the fact that the Clintons who were so warmly embraced by the African American community would so readily exploit the reservations of this particular community (and that of the Hispanic community as well) for their own political advantage. 

And these efforts have exposed the ‘true’ political selves of the Clintons and they have shown themselves to be just as capabale of maintaining, perpetuating and exploiting stereotypes of African Americans as many others white politicians have done and continue to do.

The Clintons were supposed to be the antithesis to this type of politician but instead they have shown themselves to be cut from same cloth as all the other politicians  regardless of party affiliation and thus they do not deserve to be held up as beacons of virtue in the black community.

The Clintons have exposed themselves once too many times this political season and the fact that the candidate or the campaign have not distanced themselves and fired Ms.Ferraro is a silent signal to those in her base who fear or might be slightly uncomfortable with the idea of the first black presidency that once again the only reason Obama is here is because he’s black and if you don’t vote for Hillary then that’s exactly what you’re going to get and that this is something to fear and reject.

I’m disgusted and ashamed of the Clintons but not at all surprised and neither should you what should surprise you, is if it fails to work in Pennsylvania?

*Update* Ferraro resigned but you know what the damage has already been done..

And for the record..I don’t think or believe for a moment that Ferraro or the Clintons are racist but I do believe that the Clinton campaign has been trying to capitalize on the fears and in some cases the prejudice that some people have in regards to black people and to me the minute you do that, that is unacceptable regardless of your race..**


7 thoughts on “The Clinton campaign’s disgusting, political tactics

  1. I am in total disagreement. Black Americans have slowly distanced themselves by calling themselves African Americans instead of Americans. They call themselves “nigga” in songs, yet rant and yell racist if a white person does the same. I am totally sick of it.

  2. Hi Exemployee,

    I am in total agreement with the latter part of your statement.

    I do believe that we have played a role in perpetuating negative stereotypes about ourselves through music and in some cases with our actions.

    However, in this case the Clintons are exploiting negative stereotypes for political advantage and that is unacceptable regardless of the color of their skin.

    Exemployee, I would say the same thing if the politician was black this type of behavior and discourse is unacceptable and should be unnecessary in the year 2008.

    Thank you, so much for your comments though….I really do appreciate them..

  3. Then you would agree that Jeremiah White’s comment on Natalee Holloway was totally racist and uncalled for? Yet, the media does not pick up on Obama’s pastors racist remarks? Please read my blog on this for the whole story.

  4. I am saddened at the thought of you trying to say Hillary or Bill Clinton use the race card at any time.
    Two Americans (not white Americans) have dedicated most of thier lives to help the minorities in this nation.
    Do you think William Jefferson Clinton choose Harlem for his office because he just knew someday his wife would run for President? It boggles ones mind how quick some people forget what others have done for the better of ALL mankind when it suits your cause.
    The only mistake Bill Clinton made is when he thought he could say what was on his mind to a group of people that he thought would automaticlly know his heart. And unfortunatley his heart to that point was with the black America. That was I agree a mistake, one I personally hope he never makes again because there is no loyalty in Politics and he really should let the Obama’s of the world grow up and try and accomplish for the underprivilaged what the Clinton’s have done.
    It also boggles ones mind that you would turn a blind eye to the racist comments from Michelle Obama and the fact that she really hasn’t been proud of her’s and my country. By the way it is your country to. She also said in the New Yorker that were just mean. Please. I can no longer stand this behavior.
    I am now and always been Proud to be an American.
    I Believe most of Americans think that Obama is capitalizing on other Blacks using the race card and I will back it up with just a few examples. 1. Most “common folks” that are interviewed on why they are voting for Senator Obama say- because we want a Black President. What? Even Charles Barkley on National TV says he’s voting for Obama because he’s black.
    2. The endless harrassment to Black super delegates that if they don’t change thier endorsement to Obama they will have a hard time when it comes to re-election. Even calling them Uncle Tom’s. This my friend is a total sin in my heart. Just a sin. These strong, educated, hard working, dedicated Black Politians have just been reminded of what they have fought so hard for. Freedom of Choice. And now we have stepped back 100 years.
    I will never vote for Senator Obama. Not because he is Black and associates with people that scare me to death, but because he has changed his views , he has changed his style of talk to each culture he speaks to, he changes his mind on issues daily. And with all due respect he lies. Now I know All Politicians lie, but running under the change agent he didn’t tell us that it was just changing who was doing the lieing.

  5. I agree with almost all of this post. The Ed Rendell thing is pretty convoluted. I live in Pa., and as mayor of Philly, Rendell was the blackest white guy in the city. I watched the entire interview, it was about two hours long. These comments came right at the end of the interview, which was about what was going on in Harrisburg. He was asked, just about as he was getting up to leave, to list the pluses and minuses of the candidates. No one complained when he said McCain was too old or Hillary was too divisive. Anyway, he’s about a hair’s-breath away from switching his support from Hillary to Barack.

  6. It’s amazing to me that anytime white people want too Justify their racism — it turns to the use of the ‘N’ word.

    Rap Artists nor their lyrics created racism.

    White People call themselves Honkies Rednecks Poor White Trash Hillbillies in their country western music, laughingly with one another, etc. But, this is acceptable and this is okay. Yet, let an African American say it….

    What a weak point – We separate ourselves by identifying as ‘African Americans’ –Next!

    It’s as simple as this….


  7. I noticed her mentioning in the article that white people won’t vote for Barack because of his skin color but she did not mention that black people will only vote for him because of his skin color. Which is worse? Racism runs all ways. And it is time to move on past slavery, it was a long time ago and we need to live in the present and look to the future. It seems like black people are all about division, with whites and within themselves. That needs to change.

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