Woman sits on toilet for 2 years!!!!


A 35-year-old woman in Ness City, Kansas sat on her boyfriend’s toilet for 2 years!

Apparently the woman suffers with mental health issues and developed a phobia about leaving the room because of childhood beatings.. (that’s wicked sad but still..)

Her boyfriend admitted that he should have got help for her sooner before her skin grew around the toilet!! Dude, you think?


6 thoughts on “Woman sits on toilet for 2 years!!!!

  1. LOL! You ain’t right.

    Looks like from the pic displayed the caption should read, ‘Party Over Here!’ The boyfriend as you prolly heard was charged with a crime.

    When I seen this posted elsewhere I seriously questioned is this a hoax? Then I got to thinking, ‘how did she sleep’? My mind even took me too, ‘Well what did the boyfriend do when he had to use the toilet in those 2 years’? My response, girl you need to go to sleep!

  2. I never heard that in my whole life. That is very stupid and that news is very fake! I can’t believe this is true because that’s so crazy! Why did woman sat on toilet? This is very stupid because I can’t sit for 2 years that I will go to die! That’s also make me very boring to stay on toilet how did she do it? How did she have shower, eating, and sleeping? She didn’t walk or do nothing for 2 years! That’s very stupid news and please let me know that’s true because I never saw that sit for 2 years!

  3. That’s Ozzy Osbourne, geniuses! If he looks like a she to you, I must question your taste (unless you’re gay, then it’s totally acceptable)……but I bet Ozzy would be a pitcher, not a catcher, making the point moot to begin with. Cheers! Tony

    • Hey Tony,
      Thank you for your comment.

      And I think most of us knew that was Ozzy I just chose the pix because it kinda goes along with the story..don’t you agree?

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