Where have all the presidential nominees gone?

So, over the weekend I started thinking about all the presidential nominees that have come and gone since 2007!

Where are they? What are they doing? What were they names again..lol?

I’m just saying..I can’t remember all their names and I doubt you can too..go on..try…try to list all the former perspective nominees on the republican side I bet you don’t get more than four! Without cheating, no Wikipedia…lol.

Anyway, I decided that each day this week I’m going to feature one of the candidates and their going-ons since they dropped out the race! Now I don’t claim to have super sleuthing powers but the net is a great, great thing and whatever I find out I’ll post and if you find something out as well post it…

So let’s begin my version of where are they now with former mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani.


Well apparently, Mr.Giuliani hasn’t really left the campaign trail apparently he’s been stumping for McCain almost and even in some cases more fervently than he did for himself, how sad…how very, very sad. One year ago Rudy was leading in all the national polls he even had a double digit lead over the current nominee, John McCain!

Today, he’s a wealthy, high profile surrogate!

Can you imagine spending 40 million dollars to end up a McCain surrogate/spokesman a job that you would’ve got anyway?  Man that’s gotta cut deep but on the flip side he now has more time to go shopping with Judy!!!

Look at that smile on John McCain…could it be any bigger!!! LOL


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