Obama quashed fear and raised hope, once again, for all Americans..


Once again, Barack Obama has left me struggling for words..

In his intensely personal and moving speech in Philadelphia. I saw glimpses of my own life. With white and black family members and a white husband I too have often been intimately exposed to what one group ‘really thinks’ about the other especially when members of that group thinks the setting is ‘safe’ to discuss race without ridicule or prejudice.

Today in his speech Obama gave voice to almost every grievance whites and blacks have had with each other since the end of slavery. And he talked about these issues without vigorously wagging the finger at either group. He said racism isn’t dead but it shouldn’t and doesn’t have to limit blacks like it once did. 

He talked about the ridiculous comments of Rev.Wright in one paragraph yet in another he talked about his loyalty to the man, his work, the service and general goodness of the man Jeremiah Wright.

He talked about welfare and affirmative action and the grievances white America, in particular those in the middle class and low income white community have in regards to those two issues.

He talked about the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow laws and its lasting impact on the black community.

He talked about confronting our past demons in order to face the ones that are upon us today and will undoubtedly arise tomorrow.

He talked about our common hopes and dreams for the future and about working together to achieve a long lasting impact on our community, on our nation and on the world.

He talked with eloquence, grace, humility and strength.

He talked about what has shaped our current and what shouldn’t be allowed to shape our future.

He addressed every issue that has arisen since the Ferraro comment and Wright video and he did it without blame and without anger.

In so doing he has stimulated a productive discussion about race and class, that can now begin around the watercoolers and dinner tables of America. And hopefully from these conversations minds and hearts will change, solutions and productive plans will be advanced to not only confront the lasting legacy of racism but also our common ills including poverty and unaffordable medicine and medical coverage.

And hopefully by talking frankly and calmly about race we can slowly march towards an America that truly embraces the candidacy of Barack Obama thus making sure that in the future the issue of race will no longer be a cause of trepidation among any significant group of Americans. 

Obama has shown that he CAN and WILL lead this movement this coalition of unlikely allies towards a new America where all people and all stories can retain their uniqueness but yet at the same time remain grounded in the commonality of our pursuit and fulfillment of the American dream.


5 thoughts on “Obama quashed fear and raised hope, once again, for all Americans..

  1. This guy just contextualizes everything and makes false equivalence between nutty conspiracy theories and America-hating racism versus ordinary and forgivable fears of black criminals and unfair, racist affirmative action programs.

    His message is simple: vote for me and you’re doing your duty to end racism. Pretty ego-centric, to say the least.

  2. Sen. Obama just gave the most honest speech about race this country has ever heard. This moment will go down in history. It kind of makes me think of scripture….no weapon formed against me shall prosper. Obama’s detractors (Sean Hannity) tried to destroy this man with his own pastor. The plan backfired. Now lets go organize and bring him home to the White House!


    “I am the son of a black man from Kenya and a white woman from Kansas. I was raised with the help of a white grandfather who survived a
    We the people, in order to form a more perfect union.”

    “A More Perfect Union” ah?……….Hmmmm?
    Interesting enough Louis Farrakhan used that “a More Perfect Union” stuff in his speech as he was cursing and casting spells against America during the million Man March in 1995 in Washington.

    You should read his the whole transcript. He didn’t sound that different from Obama’s pastor Rev Wright. Hmmm? Makes you think who wrote Obama’s trite and jive time speech. He still holds on to the past, while using white guilt. That is all Obama’s got is White guilt working for him. What happens when no one cares anymore? “if you don’t Obama want for President, you’re racist.”


    I don’t care what anyone says. Obama and his Church are Muslims hiding. That’s right, I’m saying it. I’ not voting for a Muslim. and, I’m not a Democrate either. No Muslim should every be president of a Judeo Christian nation. And I don’t care what anyone says. Just look how much good it has done for Sere leone, Somalia, Kenya and ethiopia. And they all you see to be early Christtian nations until Islamist conquered and converted by the sword. Just see how much good Islam has down for Africa. Idi Imam and Charles Taylor, and Robert Mugabe were Muslims leaders. And all they did and do was bring death, present day slavery and sex trade, starvation and chaos.

    I love it. His Pastor says all this racist anti American stuff. He calls Israel a dirty word. And Obama is going to lecture America about rasicm of the past? From a man who “I’ve gone to some of the best schools in America and lived in one of the world’s poorest nations” Then whines, “I am married to a black American who carries within her the blood of slaves and slaveowners”. What? Should we dig up the bodies of dead slave owners and punish them. Show we dig up all the bodies 189,000 dead Union soldiers who died to save our “more Perfect Union”, the United States of America? Their sacrifice set the 4 million Black souls free. What is Obama talking about? What is he lecturing America about? He needs just to stop talking. Can he use a new line. Besides “Change” or “Ordasity of hope” Can he come up with a original line that someone else did not already say? If he does not fully apoligized for his racist Pastor and come clean with his anti American white guilt Communist Socialist agenda. Then just get lost.

    Hey, while Obama “uniequivicoly” denounces the racist statemments made by his Racist seperatist pastor Revy Wright. Oddly He wholeheartly affrims his Pastor as his mentor. Say what??? Shevels aawy all the racist divisive says and lectures. Rev. Wright can not be a Christian by the very bitterness and hatered out of his own mouth.

    I don’t about you, but I never attended a Church that “damned” America. Excuse me, I don’t know about you guys, I just attend a normal God fearing, God Praising, and America loving Church.

    I’m reading over this Obama speech again. Obama just rambles on. Continuly contradicting himself. Even though Obama’s Pastor is a racist. Obama’s speech goes from racism to health care, to the Iraqi war, to immigrants (illegal Aliens). What?? On and on. Lol! Lol! He even admits his candidiy is imperfect. Arrogant.

    Obama will never be President. THANK GOD!!!

    And I’m a brown face too……….


    I was and am still a supported of Duncan Hunter. Him and Obama are as day to night.


  4. dannygirl America damns and stills god – damns itself; you all better pray the wrath of something like a Rev Wright only condemns & judges those –

    becuz – if you believe in God and that white man’s rewritten tainted Bible then believed the goddamnation coming for you in Revelations.

    I’m Biracial – w/biracial grandbabies – the white side of the family well – don’t see out of the darker eyes – oh well.

    Obama’s speech was too honest & too deep – folks of both races like to keep racist going – what would the world do without it. Damn! We just might have peace.

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