Duncan Hunter..

Here’s another installment of my where are they (the former presidential nominees) now….


Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter remember him? He too thought he had a chance of becoming the Republican nominee for President but those thoughts and his campaign should have evaporated almost as fast as a pool of water in Death Valley. Instead he dragged it out until January 19th of this year.

Today Duncan Hunter, who isn’t seeking reelection, is probably working fervently to get his former marine son elected as a Congressman from the 52nd district of California his old seat!


Listen Congressman Hunter didn’t win the nomination but maybe his son will.. he certainly has the looks!


2 thoughts on “Duncan Hunter..

  1. Duncan Hunter is awesome and his son from the sounds of it is just as cool… DH halped reduce drug crime in his district by over 90%, that is pretty good considering he is just a congressman.

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