Oops he did it again…Bill Clinton inserts foot into mouth

oops I did it again....

As an Obama supporter you would think I would delight in yet another highly public Bill Clinton blunder in regards to his wife, current presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Instead I find myself wishing that he would just simply go away-for her sake.

But in reality I know he’s not going anywhere.

I say this because although I’m not a fan of Clinton (in some part due to her and husband’s behaviour and statements over the course of this campaign) I do believe that as a candidate those around her and those working for her including her spouse, should be looking out for her best interests, perform at their best, give of their most and at all times, all times, promote and discuss her best qualities, policies and beliefs.

Simply that a campaign should be about the candidate first and the egos and careers of all those involved second.

I don’t believe that this is what Clinton has received and though she likes to point the finger at the press, men, the right wing conspiracy and all others instead of looking inward at her own campaign in the end when she does reexamine the reasons behind her lost I’m hopeful that she will come to the conclusion that her arrogance and the incompetencies and shortcomings of her staff and her husband are the main contributing factors in her lost of the nomination.

With all the high profile gaffes, blunders and missteps, and ill conceived strategies, mismanagement of money etc, etc from her top staff and Bill Clinton himself over the course of this entire campaign I am left wondering about the sincerity and frankly the capabilities of all of those involved with the Clinton campaign and I’m hoping against all hope that their role in an Obama candidacy would be miniscule.




One thought on “Oops he did it again…Bill Clinton inserts foot into mouth

  1. Them and their politics are tired and played out, they both are like a drowning person, the harder you fight to stay afloat the faster you sink – and they have been sunk.

    I wish they would just go away.

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