Obama’s little, big mistake…

Obama needs to win these guys over to his side..

Obama, when talking about working class Americans should not have used the word ‘bitter’ in any form to describe their sentiments or beliefs.

Although the underlying meaning in his statement is probably true, I don’t think it pertains exclusively to ‘working class Americans’ because it has been proven time and time again that during hard economic times Americans and for that matter people across the world tend to become more protectionist, more nationalistic and more religious.

So Obama’s main point was certainly correct however he should have known the minute the words left his lips, in this 24 hour news cycle, YOU TUBE era that Clinton, McCain and ultimately the Republicans would seek to use this comment to pry open a crack in his, thus far, Teflon political armor.

This misstep has created an opening for Clinton which she has seized upon and to be quite honest rightfully so to try to expose Obama’s vulnerability with this demographic (white working class Americans) and she is seeking, with her beer drinking and shot taking, even as unnatural as it appears, to capitalize on this mistake. And if this becomes a bigger and bigger issue it will work for her in Pennsylvania but that’s not her main target her main targets are the super delegates who will start to question Obama’s electability and may consider, supporting Clinton after the ensuing debacle.

Obama as I’ve discussed in earlier posts cannot, CANNOT afford to make these types of mistakes since these are mistakes that will come back to haunt him in the general election. Hillary will use these comments to win the battle but the Republicans will use them to win the war and this is the main threat to his candidacy.

Obama cannot win the election without working class support and although I don’t think they will run to John McCain if Obama wins the nomination, if he appears like John Kerry did to be elitist and out of touch with the working class and working class issues they just simply might stay away from the polls on election day costing Obama and the democrats the election-once again.

This story has the potential to become a firestorm for Obama in Pennsylvania (since I don’t think he’s going to win there) we’ll have to wait and see what the damage will be in November.



One thought on “Obama’s little, big mistake…

  1. These were off the record comments and reflect how Mr. Obama thinks. First: clinging to guns and religion, that’s like saying “these things are the opiate of the people.” Where have we heard this before? (Marks/Lenin).

    Mr. Obama is a leftist liberal who believes that government is the solution. Taken to extreme this could mean that government is the “religion” that will take us to a communal “one-world order.”

    Elitist and condescending, no doubt…Liberal left, definately…socialist, maybe…communist, I hope not.
    Mr. Obama is a slick talker, how do we evaluate a man with no record? By what he says and by those with whom he shares “communion.”

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