Obama’s dirt of your shoulders…

After being ‘beat down’ by Hillary and ABC on Wednesday night Obama got up on Thursday and brushed his shoulder’s off.

I saw nothing wrong with the questions the moderators asked the issues and points they raised are legitimate concerns for many people and although they may seem to be a bit ‘tabloidesque’  to some journalists have the right to ask them and Obama should have been more prepared to address them instead he did seem like a deer got in headlights and that is unacceptable.

Obama should’ve known that the Rev. Wright issue, the San Francisco comments etc, etc would have come up and the fact that he appeared to have been caught off guard is something that dare not be repeated come October and November during the presidential debates.

However, in the end for all those critical of Obama’s actions since then all I have to say is that Obama by brushing his shoulders off not only endeared himself to his youth supporters but also I’m willing to bet got a few thousand more votes plus for once a politician looked cool and natural doing something youthful unlike John Kerry on his surfboard and Mitt Romney’s comment “Who let the dogs out..”.



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