From Lincoln-Douglas to Clinton-Obama, how things have changed











Hillary Clinton has officially challenged Barack Obama to a debate without a moderator in the style of the Lincoln, Douglas debates back in 1858.

I must say that I do like the idea.

Regardless of all that has happened and all that will happen over the next few months. It fills me with great joy when I think about the fact that 150 years ago these two people, due to gender and race as a collective, couldn’t vote or take active participation in the affairs of this country and both were regarded as second class citizens.  

And today, this black man and this woman are both serious contenders for the presidency of the United States.

At this moment in history we can all be proud of this great country… let’s all give each other a collective pat on the

Now, a moderator less Clinton, Obama debate would be an event worth watching and a debate for the history books. Can you imagine the ratings, it might actually beat and American idol

However, as a former debating society captain I know that you have to be on top of your game to handle this type of debating style and unfortunately Obama is not the world’s best debater and this format has the potential of hurting rather than helping his candidacy.

In addition Clinton would sling so much dirt during that debate that in the end Obama might be left wondering why he agreed to the debate in the first place.

However, the idea is definitely something that a network or an organization should explore for the presidential debates.






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