Pix of father who abused his daughter for 24 years..

One of the worst human beings in the world!!!!


Josef F..father and perpetrator of abuse..

Josef F not only abused his daughter, Elisabeth F, for over 24 years, fatherd all her kids but even threw one that died at birth into an oven..yes, he threw his own dead child, his own dead, grandchild into an oventell me what should be done to a monster like this?



3 thoughts on “Pix of father who abused his daughter for 24 years..

  1. I don’t normally agree with the death penalty but, in this case, he RUINED his daughters life and was still able to live most of his. Death row would be a suitable choice but then again it might just be a cop out.

    Maybe he should suffer much more than that. Maybe he should suffer the pains he brought his family. I think that she should have the final say as to what happens to him. She would know what he deserves much batter than anyone else. I think that she should tie him up in public and piss on his face while having a 12 inch dildo shoved up his ass.

  2. I can’t stand to look at him. But seriously how does something that horrible happen???

    Here is a great site to check out for anyone interested is supporting the group RAINN (Rape Abuse and Incest National Network). Also a sneak preview of May’s “People Who Care” page with a Christina Ricci interview about her work with RAINN: http://nonprofitshoppingmall.com/people-who-care/christina-ricci

    Go to the site, shop and a percent of your sale will go to RAINN!
    Pass this on to everyone!!!

  3. I dont think she should get a say in the punishment of her sick father, bc she is probably brain washed and not mentally stable enough considering the trauma she has been put through. And this definatly does sound like a horror movie in the making.

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