Michelle Bernard has West Indian blood, not a surprise..

 michelle bernard and chris matthews

If you happen to watch MSNBC as much as I do (I know, I know I have no life…lol) then you know the name and the face Michelle Bernard as CEO of a conservative women’s group and a Republican party supporter I’ve always wondered why she seems supportive of Obama’s candidacy and believe me  I’m not the only one who’s noticed this.

After a comment by Chris Matthews on tonight’s Hardball about her heritage I now understand the enthusiasm she has repeatedly showed for Obama’s candidacy.

Bernard is the daughter of Jamaican immigrants and if you understand anything about the Caribbean and its people then you will understand why Michelle leans towards social and fiscal conservatism so that explains her political leanings.

However, at the same time she probably has a deep understanding of what it means to grow up black in America and also how significant and monumental it would be not only to America to have it’s first black president but also how much it would mean to all those in the black diaspora as well and this explains her Obama championing!

Hmm..now it all makes sense and by the way she’s separated from this guy..

BTW Sandy Leidholt took that awesome pix, check her out…

**Update** Why didn’t Michelle Bernard get her own show on MSNBC?


140 thoughts on “Michelle Bernard has West Indian blood, not a surprise..

  1. I went to law school with Michelle and was a member of her wedding party (her first wedding). The reason why Michelle is a supporter of Obama is that she is an opportunist. In law school she was a liberal democratic and supported the party. A black male friend of ours Vernon Parker, changed his party to become a Republican. He got a political appointment and shot up through the administration. Michelle thought this was a great way to move up the ranks in politics…fewer black conservatives gives her higher visibility. So she went for it. She is supporting Obama because she wants a political appointment and this is the easiest and fastest way to get there now that she sees that the Republicans have no shot at regaining the White House.

    Trust me, I know Michelle.

  2. Yeah, she seems like just another uppity African immigrant who takes advantage of all the opportunities bought with the blood, sweat and tears of our forefathers. I don’t mind them taking advantage of the opportunities, I just wish they would stop treating the us blacks, who’ve been here for 200 years, like the enemy and acknowledge that we laid the foundation for them to immigrate here and succeed. I’ve got so many African friends who feel more comfortable in the company of whites, than people who look like them. My advice to them: just keep living and you will soon learn!

    • Silly black man. You really should refrain from commenting on issues that you know little about. You haven’t been here for 200 years so i assume you are speaking of “us” in the colective. Which would include all AFRICANS in the dispora not just the ones that made it to north america. Michelle is a strong black women and I’m proud of her accomplishments. Perhaps you should consider the accomplishments of the so called “immigrants” before you part your ignorant lips to speak again.

    • Well said! If it were for those of us whose people have been here since BEFORE the founding of the US, they (Africans and West Indians) would NOT have the opportunities they do today!

  3. Im into geneology and whenever I come across a Bernard I want to know if we are related. I am from Jamaica, born 1967, son of Donald and Ruby Bernard.
    Well I hope I make headway

  4. I knew it was something about her that did not sit right with me. She does seem a little fake and I am sure if Obama were an AA, she would not support him. Many Black immigrants need to stop with their serious hate and go work on their home country.

  5. joyce, you sound really bitter. please let it go. i did not go to law schoool with michelle bernard, but i took two classes from her at husl and i worked with her as a summer associate over the course of two summers. during that time, she was as tireless an advocate for black lawyers as she is now for women’s issues.

    among others, what is disappointing about your attack is that it is based on flimsy “evidence” that would not even constitute circumstantial evidence in a court of law or equity. did she tell you why “she went for it” as you so inartfully put it? clearly not! moreover, did mr. parker similarly reveal to you his motivations for switching party affiliation? is it possible that mr. parker was actually good at what he did?

    i am a liberal democrat and i have no issue whatsoever with michelle bernard and her political views. i hope she continues to be succesful. michelle is exactly the type of smart, capable and independent minded person that president obama will need in his administration. i hope that her future success does not cause you additional agita.

    • Hi Ian,

      Yes. I did speak to Michelle and to Vernon Parker. Did you read when I said I was a member of her wedding party??? You don’t get invited to be a member of a wedding party if you don’t know a person. So, specifically, both Michelle and Vernon switched parties to move ahead. Am I bitter, no. I do resent people who are opportunists, however. Michelle is an opportunist. If you really worked with Michelle you would know that she hangs around just long enough to cause damage where she is and then she moves on and leaves a trail of mess that needs to be cleaned up after her.

  6. Hey Joyce,

    Apparently you’re a celebrity. I was watching C-SPAN last night and they read your post on the program “Q & A” and Michelle Bernard was a guest. She was discussing her life and her role in the Independent Women’s Forum. She seemed okay enough an then I learned her husband was Joe Johns easily my most detested anchors on CNN. Not that I like CNN or C-SPAN for that matter. They’re both way too biased and neither is a beacon for honest analysis of the news.

    Honestly, I can’t wait for that dinosaur called “Old Media” to die. Hopefully, it won’t leave any fossilized remains. I like how it’s decentralizing. Now all of us can have a say and offer our varying perspectives that 24/7 news pundits and anchors can’t ever seem to offer.

  7. Joyce,

    Good observation about MB. I have known MB for over 25 years.

    You are dead on accurate; she was like that before she married JJ and its semms that marriage & 2 kids haven’t changed much in the way she still operates.

  8. I don’t know how accurate Joyce’s assessment of Michelle Bernard is, but it would seem to fit a pattern of some black Republican commentators who may not really be all that conservative, but have joined the Republicans because it gives them an opportunity to move up the ranks due to the relative scarcity of African-Americans in the GOP.

    For example, Amy Holmes — another Republican commentator whose seen a lot on cable news programs — says she’s pro-choice and pro-environment and even admits she was quite liberal in her college extracurricular activities. But her opportunities for being seen in the media were much greater with the GOP, because they’re desperate for minority faces to perpetuate that “big tent” facade.

    She’s currently associated with the Independent Women’s Forum, which is a conservative Republican organization. She can’t afford to be seen as too supportive of Obama, or they’ll probably kick her out. I’m surprised to hear she’s married though. She doesn’t wear a wedding ring on her tv appearances.

  9. Why is John McCain’s military record closed to public record? If he is running on his patriotism and his experience to be the president, all records of service should be fair game. I totally agree with what General Clark said. If this country had so much respect for the military veteran, why is it that so many are homeless? They are the true Hero’s! I’m a veteran with 24 years of service, living in Arizona. I find that people in McCain land have little respect for veterans. I wrote McCain several times about the wrongdoing done to veterans in Phoenix. “He never wrote back”. McCain is a fraud. He should be ashamed of himself. If you want to talk to real patriotic veterans, get your fat ass off that chair, go on the streets and talk to them.

  10. Michelle Bernard is not Jamaican. She is the daughter of Haitian immigrants. She herself was born in Port-de-Paix, Haiti (northwest Haiti) and moved to the US at a very young age. Bernard is a very common surname in Haiti.

    • No. Michelle’s family is from Jamaica. They are not Haitian. Her father was a professor at Howard’s dental school and her mom was VP of alumni affairs. They are very proud of their Jamaican heritage.

  11. Amy Holmes is biracial. She was born in Zambia to an African father and a white mother who was from Seattle. Her parents separated and she grew up with her mom in Seattle. So, you can’t quite characterize her experience as being typically AA.

  12. What a bunch of silly personal rants & ad hominen attacks – if this is what the public discourse has come to in the US then who needs it?

  13. Hey, I agree 100% with all of the criticisms of Michelle Bernard. It comes as no surprise to me that she is a West Indian immigrant; often their racial perspective is different. My mother calls them “white folks Negroes.”

    Why no mention of Armstrong Williams in this discussion? He takes all of this to a different level since, I believe, he is using conservatism to mask his homosexuality.

    That is a disgrace. As African American liberals we must embrace our gay brothers and sisters and not let old folksy superstitions cloud our judgment.

    • I disagree with disrespecting a group of people, in this case, Jamaicans based upon the behavior of one person. My criticism is with respect to the Michelle I knew in law school and the person who is now on MSNBC. They are two different people and the reason has nothing to do with embracing conservatism, and everything to do with “how to get ahead” the fastest. This is not a trait of an ethnic group but of a single person.

  14. I take exception to the generalization of Caribbean/West Indian immigrants. I for one was born in Jamaica and was 15 years old when my family immigrated to the US. I never felt that my plight was ever any different from the plight of black folks living in America who are of African descent. I always told my wife (straight up black sister from the south) that the only difference that I see in us is that my ancestors got dropped off in Jamaica, while hers journeyed on to the American east coast. She cooks collard greens, I make calaloo – they are still green. All that Caribbean Blacks vs. American Blacks, light skinned vs. dark skinned, so-called good hair vs. bad hair talk is the same talk and strategy used by the white slave owners to make the house slaves feel as if he was superior to the field slave. Where did that get us? The frustrating thing is that we as black folks fall for it every single time because somewhere deep down we must feel as if we need approval or favor in ole massa’s eyes. Sorry, I don’t. And, I never felt the need to distinguish myself from black folks born in America. Never. And to my Caribbean/West Indian brothers and sisters who come here and diss their own American brethren, I say that you have the wrong approach and let’s face it, we [Caribbean/West Indian immigrants] did not suffer under chattel slavery, Jim Crow, Reconstruction, or the Civil Rights Movement. At the same time, I never felt I was different when marching with Al Sharpton in New York, or coming together on October 16, 1995 at the Million Man March in DC. It is very simple for me – if you are black and living in America, you are catching the same hell that all other black person is catching, whether they were born in Jamaica West Indies or Jamaica Queens. When NYPD pulled me over back in the day, these white racist cops never asked me for my green card to see where I’m from. Me and all my friends were subject to the same treatment. Now as an attorney, I have a ball which some of the racist LAPD officer when I’ stopped for DWB!

    So far all those folks who are so quick to claim that us Caribbean blacks think that we are different, who are also, as my wife, descendants of slaves from Africa – to you I say, this is one BROTHA who is not like that and is not so quick to fall for the divide and conquer strategy that has worked to keep us from ascending to levels of economic success and positions of power than we can all grasp if we would just unite and embrace our difference and our common heritage – Mother Africa! In the meantime “One Love” Bob Marley! Obama ’08!

  15. She seems to be a nice lady. i learnt hard way to characterize someone you doesn’t that well or haven’t seen for years. Joyce, people change!!!

  16. It is sad to see such anger, bitterness, and resentment (that is how it comes across). It is just pitiful when we (blacks) still have to break ourselves into these categories of East coast, West coast, Black American, African, or West Indian. I just want to say that there were West Indian decendents that were around during the Civil Rights movement, Jim Crow Laws, etc. Just ask Harry Belafonte and I know he was not the only one. I don’t hear American Jews begrudging Israel Jews when they come to America. Why is it blacks are always trying to pull each other down. Look around we are the only ones who do that. I don’t see Asians, Jews, or Whites doing this. We can never get anywhere as a people because we are too busy pulling each other down. If you have an issue with Michelle, be man or woman enough to address it with her. As a decendent to a West Indian Father and Mother, I make no apologies to no for my heritage. I was taught to go to school, be honest, work hard, and that anything I want or want to be is attainable. There have been times when I worked two jobs to obtain the things that I want. I think it is sad that you are upset about West Indians who come here and achieve. Why aren’t you upset with the Asians, Hispanics, Jews, Arabs, Europeans who all come here and take your job to. Let go of your anger and put that energy into propelling yourself forward. Life is too short for all this hate!

    • Angela, black people are hardly the only people who “pull each other down.” Have you considered the way Latinos treat each other? Mexicans versus Mexican-Americans versus Cubans versus Puerto Ricans versus New Yoricans… Asians? Japanese and Chinese can’t stand each other. And white people have been at each other’s throats throughout the history of Western civilization. People are people and are simply adept at behaving badly.

  17. As an African, I have noticed that the so called African American are their worst enemy. They would go as far as destroying themselves just to make sure that blacks non African Americans does not get ahead in this country.
    AA are dangerous and should be avoided by other blacks that truly want to succeed in the United States


    • It’s people like you who make who disgust me. African-Americans are NOT dangerous, in fact, if it weren’t for African-Americans who fought for fairer immigration policies, you would probably still be in Africa. If it weren’t for African-Americans whose families have been here since BEFORE the U.S. was a country, YOU wouldn’t be here in the U.S. If it weren’t for African-Americans, YOU wouldn’t have 1/10 of the opportunities in this country that you have today to get ahead.
      Most Black immigrants have NOT had to live through of the history that African-Americans had to deal with in this country for almost 300 years. Most have not grown up with a legacy of “separate but equal” and all that comes as a result of that particular ideology. Many have not been denied opportunities because of their race because African-Americans fought to make sure that wouldn’t happen. In truth, black immigrants owe the foundations of their success in this country to African-Americans who paved the way for you to have the opportunity to succeed.
      And, as for hard work, PLEASE! It is off of the blood, sweat, tears, and suffering of MY people, AFRICAN-AMERICANS, that this country was able to become the powerhouse that it has become. MY people – AFRICAN-AMERICANS – have worked VERY HARD while legally being cheated by the government for many generations. African-Americans are the one who fought to make sure that black people would not have to deal with government sanctioned disenfranchisement!
      In my experience, it has been black immigrants who have rejected African-Americans who have wanted to reach out to our so called African and Caribbean “brothers and sisters.” I know I often call out black immigrants who make sweeping negative generalizations about African-Americans – and I am AMAZED at the backtracking by some black immigrants when I do.
      Time and experience is what makes me feel the way that I do. I think black immigrants also need to keep something else in mind, Afrian-Americans are NOT running to your countries to live, but black immigrants are coming in drove to ours!

  18. I think she’s hot. I watch “The McLaughlin Group” each week and I keep hoping either she or Monica Crowley will tackle one another and they’ll start rolling around on the floor kissing and making out. I’m such a perve.

  19. I’m glad she’s an Obama supporter, whatever her reasons. She’s extremely beautiful. I think she’s the best looking woman on the political scene that’s on tv…her and Fmr. Sec. of Defense William Cohen’s wife, Janet Langhart Cohen. They are just gorgeous! And they have brains!!!

    I am an Independent. I could not register democrat, because I don’t support killing babies. I could not register Republican, because there are a host of things I do not like about them, mainly how they claim to have a monopoly on everything that is right, like religion, etc. They do not.

    I support Obama, because he’s the best man for the job. Honestly. And I feel that the gap is tightening in the polls in favor of McCain, because so much is not being reported about him and his positions. If the media would cover McCain, Obama would lead him big time. I don’t know why they’re trying to cover up for McCain, but it’s cold war media at its best.

    McCain wants to raise the social security age and lower the amounts they receive on their checks. If you think seniors wouldn’t change their minds about McCain if they reported that in detail every single day, that’d be unreal! Penn. and Ohio have lots of seniors and I’ll bet they don’t know about it.


  20. Stop moaning an groaning. White folks do what Michelle is doing all of the time. She’s doing whatever it takes to get ahead. That’s the environment we live in. You do it in private industry, and you do it in government. You’re upset because you’re watching Michelle on TV, and she’s not watching you. GET A LIFE!

  21. Hi I’m Jamaican. I’ve been traveling to America for the past 14 years more than half my life. I got my Associate’s degree back home, my B.Sc degree here and now I am pursuing my Masters degree. I have traveled and stayed in over 15 states in the US. Now I’m in MO.

    Do you know how shameful it is that in my Business Law class of about 35 students almost half the class didn’t know the current american president’s name? Or couldn’t name 15 states in the US? Or didn’t know the first ammendment?

    But all the students were interested in my culture and why I came here; and asked if my country- Jamaica had cable, dish, microwave, tv’s or even refrigerators. I was so embarassed. My country is a third world country, but when I come here I see myself just as everyone else. We see this country as a land full of opportunities. Mot everyone that comes here is trying to live here. Some of us just want a different experience. I follow the american politics, more than I do for my own country. There are so many differences. It just makes us better people. So all this tearing down of different backgrounds is nonsense. We’re all black. There are AA’s who have migrated to jamaica. They say they dont want to return here. White americans too. I knew a few. We (Jamaicans) dont treat them any different. I dont see us hunting them or telling them they have to go back where they’re from……So why is there so much hate from AA’s towards blacks from other countries no matter where they’re from????/

    You people are unreal…….

    • That’s unfortunate – how you’ve been treated. I am African American. I’m married to a Trinidad woman. One of the problems with “AA’s” and foreign people of African decent is that, black foreigners come from black countries where they haven’t been living in a system that is deliberately suppressing them. Many black foreigners come here (US) and ignore everything blacks have been through in America, marginalizing it like some whites do. Some Africans that come here, have no interest in MLK, Malcolm X, the very AA’s that spill blood for black foreigners to even come here, but when they get here it’s “yeah, AA’s are lazy, stupid, etc”. People are people, there are lazy AA’s and lazy West Indians, there are crazy AA’s and there are crazy Jamaicans. A Jamaican man murdered my cousin years ago and I still see each Jamaican differently. I think if black foreigners can be more sympathetic to black history in any country where they migrate to, then the relationship will be better. There are conflicts with black Kenyans in South Africa for much of the same reason. Some Kenyan’s come over to South Africa, ignore the history and act better. This has caused major issues in that country. Years ago I even had to check my own self in Brazil, talking to some Afro-Brazilians in Bahia. I know every group of people wants to be greater than the other, but the “We Jamaicans” thinking is part of the problem. Black people descending from the African West Coast have to start looking at themselves as family, we share a painful past. I hope I opened your eyes. I love Caribbean people and embrace the culture, but when it’s time to look out for each other, we are all African, all black.

  22. I think Robert had the clearest, most honest response.

    After that, I like Bernard. She’s smart and holds her own with the other talking heads.

  23. I would also agree with Roberts insightful analysis. The McLaughliin Group is such a pleasant experience every week. Good for that old goat to put those absolute beauties next to him.

    What’s with the generalizations of West Indian folks? And the criticism of black conservatives? As a black libertarian, I find following both major parties humorous at best. But doesn’t it serve the black community better, to have people of various idealogies? Some of us actually think walking lock step with the Dems is embarassing.

    I don’t agree with everything Bernard says, but I’m glad she differs from the Julianne Malveaux’s and Eleanor Norton Holmes of this world.

    She and Crowley rolling on the floor, kissing and making out…yea, it might take me a few weeks to get that image out of my mind.

  24. michelle bernard is smart, fine and beautiful legs….and that cocoa-colored skin.
    enough said.!!!!

    i’d lov 2 hit that myself.

  25. michelle,if you are going to support obama,then support him,but to side with bucannan the way you did last weekend is discusting!! obama has so many demons to fight he doesnt need you to go against him to,so if you changed your mind about him then please put your loyalties to mccain and leave obama to someone who will defend him,maybe you dont agree with all his policies,but wow he doesnt need another thing to fight!!!!

  26. Whew! I could hardly tell that this site promotes relevant commentary from mature, intelligent individuals. It appears to me that there is just a little too much hate going on here. I met Michelle and her family once while visiting their home in Potomac Md. over 29 years ago. They, mainly her parents invited us in and treated us like royalty. I belonged to a group of young men who were a part of a “rites of passage” program where we visited successful AA’s in and around the DC metro area. Now, I by all means did not come from the level of affluence that she comes from, but I never felt anything other than respected and encouraged to succeed. Now her politics, it is what it is. Those of us who have no sin pursuant to career advancement then keep throwing stones. The idea that AA’s would infiltrate the GOP and give it some soul and diversity that hopefully would aid “so-called” liberal views then so be it. “BIG UPS” to Michelle Bernard.

  27. it is so ignorant of Tee and Lea to make such sweeping criticism of black immigrants. Clearly these two are some ignoramuses. They should be even more ashamed if they are African Americans….sad. Stop trying to make us a monolithic group you ignorant asses. Caribbean people are as varied as they come…what the fuck, we are supposed to change and play a stereotypical black role just cause you expect us to? We are not chained to a racial box, we go with what appeal to us. Caribbean American with republican mindset are from a school of personal responsibility and accountability…get some!

    Black Americans get the fuck over it…any success you don’t have here is a result of your own failures to capitalize on the opportunity that we don’t have back home. Don’t be mad at those that have not embraced the victim role. no matter how much fight you get from white America its fucking annoying to hear black Americans bitch and moan about it rather than fighting thier way to the top.

    now i know what you have been trough, but you can either keep going through it or get over it by stop blaming others who have succeeded and looking at yourselves.

    SMG-Proud Jamaican

  28. Just saw this MB reporter after the DNC and coming here to get the scoop paints some oxymoronic picture. Looking at her, she had no ring- and if you look closely, she has a black piereced tongue ring (you go- freak!), so I KNOW she is no neocon– I gotta agree with Joyce her homegirl, that she is just using the GOP to get ahead.

    As an African, I’ve considered that too… after all one can be pro-money and still not conservative…the game is fluid you see. Gotta adapt. I also see the DEM field tooo crowded and blacks are better off on both sides.

    But this MB lady reeks of faux airs. Man! I could sense something amiss from the talk. For u old white geezers like Robert and his ilk, it gets better than that. I wouldnt salivate over that when there are tons more younger, cuter and polished sisters than pseudo- MB.

  29. I will say this…she is definitely cute enough for me to look her up on the web and read through this gossip just to find out about her. Won’t get disrespectful like some on here, but it is nice to see an intelligent, beautiful and successful sista commentating on a political station every once in a while (nomatter what her views and motivations are.)

  30. Angela I agree, other groups tend to watch out and praise each other’s success while we tend to criticize those that are successful. SMG I agree with some points you made also, but you were a little too harsh in your words.

    MB is a strong woman. She chooses a party even though she knows she would probably be criticized by the majority. we need to be open-minded and confident enough to alow people to have a voice. She is entitled to her opinion and switch parties whenever she chooses to do so. that does not make her stupid. I’m very proud of my AA brothers and sisters when they can stand their ground and engage in intelligent conversations. whether they support my democratic party or now.

    I love my AA whether they are unfortunate or successful

    ladies- those of you that sound really angry. it sounds as though you are BIG -TIME hating. you need to have confidence. it shows through your writing ANGRY & BITTER.



  31. Dude- what’s up with the ugly racist ‘tude? Not necessary, and not cool.

    -For u old white geezers like Robert and his ilk, it gets better than that. —–

  32. I too noticed no ring. Knowing those Jamaican girls (and Jamaican decendants) they would never marry a black man, get ahead. Jamaica is one of the most racist Caribbean countries. Sad, when your entire life is a struggle to get to the top

  33. I can’t believe there are so many intra-racists on this site. There are no membership rules for being considered legitimately black. Stop trying to marginalize people just because they or their parents were not born on the continental US. We’re black because society says we are and for racists that designation comes with a host of stupid ascribed traits. If there’s a black experience…well, there it is. Some of you people are dumb. Seriously.

    And, there’s no such thing is West Indian blood (or racial blood for that matter). Ethnicity is not a biological substance. Don’t be ridiculous.

  34. I just feel the need to remind a couple of folks: If African American’s didn’t demonstrate the bravery and character to march, get beaten by police, attacked by dogs and suffocated with tear gas, none of you West Indian or African immigrants would even be here and able to participate in this discussion. The Civil Rights Movement didn’t start in Jamaica. And, although Haitians did create the first black republic, they have been trying to be white and French ever since.

    Show a little more respect.

  35. Are any of you self hating Negroes aware that one of the major advocates of the black power movement in the US was a West Indian by the name of Kwame Turre aka Stokely Carmichael?
    This conversation is so retarded i felt moved to add my 2 cents to the fray. Black skin is black skin no matter where u are from. What some of u guys need to do is stop watching what others are doing and get on your own grind. Nik u are a fool. Apparently you know what every Jamaican woman is like, or the lifestyle of all Jamaicans. Some of you are too busy minding other people’s business and crying about what you don’t have compared to what others have. This is the United States of America a country built by immigrants AAs are not even from here hence the name African American so who are you to discriminate. Some AAs act like they own the copyright to being black as if they are the only one’s that count. You think immigrants want to come here and get trapped in that culture of low expectations like some of you do? No! This is the land of opportunity therefore you should use the opportunities available instead of complaining. The US has contributed some of the greatest black people that the world has known. These people weren’t about division MLK and brother Malcolm X come to mind. They were about unity. To hear buffoons like Jeremy talk about the status of Haiti without knowing the facts is amazing to me. You talk as if you know so much, but did you know that Haiti is in the state it is in because of embargoes placed on it by the US and France as punishment because the Haitians kicked both of them and the Spanish colonial oppressors out of their country? Haitians have no interest in being white or french u uneducated fool. What u need to do is show respect for yourself by educating yourself before you demand respect from anyone or come on here spouting garbage to hurt my eyes and brain. What about all the brothers and sisters in Africa who died fighting apartheid, or anywhere else in the world where black blood was shed? You must be out of your mind to think that black people elsewhere in the world owe u something. The US is not the world it is IN the world. We all owe each other mutual respect as black brothers and sisters, so let Michelle do her thing and support her because she is black just like us. Obama 08

  36. In 1738 the Maroons(escaped slaves) in Jamaican signed a treaty with the British governour to leave in peace from being hunted. The Maroons in Haiti succeeded in taking over the entire island in 1804. In other parts of the world Maroons lived outside of the slavery system but didn’t reach as far as the Haitians did. Harriet Tubman succeeded with the Underground Railroad but Nat Turner didn’t. People from the Caribbean especially Jamaica and Haiti don’t have the same historical legacy that blacks in the U.S. have but they do understand that they are black. These comments being expressed here are not unusual for me. I have heard them in college and other forums where blacks speak. African Americans feel as if they have paved the way for blacks coming from all over the world. They resent the fact that some blacks migrating to America have no idea of America’s racist legacy. What some fail to realise is that Caribbean and African immigrants add to the cultural mix. Most of us from the Caribbean don’t have the same amount of issues with whites as African Americans since we are in control of our political and social realities. In the Caribbean you can go to the doctor, go see a lawyer, go to the supermarket, go to school, walk down the street without ever having to interact with a white person. Our leaders are people that look like us. Now as far as our economies are concerned that’s another issue. From this we develop our own cultural pride and no inferiority complex. For blacks here in America for the most part they have to “check in” with some other group that doesn’t look African. Claude McKay, Langston Hughes, and Marcus Garvey were from Jamaica directly. Colin Powell is the son of Jamaican immigrants. Lani Guinier’s father was Jamaican. There are countless other people of African descent that have a Caribbean and African parents. As for me I came here from Jamaica when I was 12. That was 25 years ago. America is a racist country but it can and will change. The more we keep agitating and set a high standard for those that come after us the better off Africans will be nationwide and worldwide. Education is great but we also need to control our own economies and social realities.

  37. Amy Holmes irks me to no end because she is a Republican and I don’t find her attractive. Michelle Bernard, on the other hand, is beautiful and irks me to no end because she is a Democrat. I’d love for Michelle to do the Jamaica jerk-off with me.

  38. Joyce???,

    I went to law school with Michelle Bernard and have a totally different perspective on who is Michelle Bernard . I know Michelle Bernard to be a proud African American woman who embraces differences, someone who really care about the issues that African Americans care about …to say she is an opportunist really does her no justice…Michelle is smart, articulate, caring, and most of all very giving…I don’t know who this Joyce is talking about…is that really your name? I dont think so. Are we really saying that as African Americans we cannot differ in what we support or believe in…and if you do you are labeled in a derogatory way…come on guys do better than that.

  39. I remember MB from high school. She grew up in Potomac, MD. Her father. oral surgeon. MB is the oldest daughter and gets her ambition and drive from her mother who is Jamaican. I think Joyce stated some truths in the previous post. I’m just saddened she chose this forum to make the comments she did. I am also dissappointed to read MB hasn’t changed since HS. I have watched her and believe she wants Obama to win, after all he is the best person for the job.

  40. Just interested in the comment, Michelle Bernard is “of West Indian blood, not a surprise”. Not upset but curious, what do you mean? BTW, Joe Johns is a very lucky man:)

  41. I am saddened by most of what I’ve read on this site and thankful for the few (Mark, Trini, Joy Robinson, etc..) who have already said much of what I would like to say and have saved me from having to type a long comment. I will however, share this with you, as the son of a Haitian single mom growing up in NY in the 80’s most of the “racist” incidents that I was subjected to were from AA. I have never gotten over the jokes that said that HBO was an acronym for Haitian Body Odor or that the cause of AIDS was from the 4Hs (Haitians, Homosexuals, Hemophiliacs, and Hos). To think that one person who clearly has a problem with this woman could spark a litany of diatribes against Caribbean people living in America. Have we traveled back in time? Are we standing still? Anyway, irrespective of my personal experiences I went to College in the early 90’s in the midst of the positive rap revolution of Public Enemy and the likes and became a Black Nationalist. “Fighting” for the very people that had caused most of my pain growing up in this country and I rationalized those attacks as the pathologies of former slaves and the ignorance of the uninformed. So once again I say to all of you that I am truly saddened by this site because I would imagine that Joyce or whatever her real name is, who went to Law School (Georgetown Law, BTW), and who started this “conversation” (since I currently lack a better term for what this is), is most likely an informed person. So to her and all those who subscribe to her way of thinking – I have just one piece of advice, KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING! You will eventually succeed in living in a place where everyone is of like mind, looks exactly like you and feels exactly how you feel – and although we political folk like to spout on about the separation of church and state……HELL is the only place that I can think of that would satisfy the yearnings of people that want a homogeneous existence. When you get there try to hook up with Hitler – you’ll probably like him a lot!

  42. It is really unfortunate how some of you feel about michelle and West Indians as a whole. Remember we are human beings first. We all have our own opinions just as you are entitled to yours she is entitled to hers.

    I am a West Indian. We came over to the west from Africa on the same slave ships as you guys. The ships made different stops so we were dropped off at different locations.

    For black Americans to talk about us in the way they’re doing on this blog is very unfair. We fought off slavery for hundreds of years in the West Indies and succeeded. Slavery was abolished in the West Indies over 150 years ago and the white man did not simply surrendered to us, we fought them and fought to the point where it was not worth it for them, we then setup up our society where we ran everything; Lawyers, doctors, school teachers, judges, nurses, ministers, etc. We settled in and lived within the confines of our laws. We could not blame the white man for anything, because there was no white man around to blame. It was all black. We lived like normal human beings with respect for each other. In America, Black Americans call that living like the white man.

    Nothing is handed to us in America. I am college educated and not one day was my homework done for me by someone else. Not one day, did someone open my head and pour knowledge into it for me. I made the effort and I succeeded.

    You guys forget to remember; Americans are living well in the Caribbean and enjoying our hard work. We treat them with respect, just like any human being should be treated.

    I teach my kids to work hard and respect everyone. Gravitate to the ones that like you and stay away from the ones that don’t. You live in my house and get everything free, so there should be no excuses and there is absolutely no room for failure.

  43. Dear Ignorant Folks:

    a. To ignorant Lea:
    Michelle Bernard is not one of “Many Black immigrants need to stop with their serious hate and go work on their home country” She was born here. She is American. Get a clue. And an education.

    b. Haitians are not West Indian. Again. Get a Clue. Stop Hating. Start Achieving.

  44. To the ignorant folks:

    a: to Lea who suggested that Michelle Bernard “Many Black immigrants need to stop with their serious hate and go work on their home country” Ms. Bernard was born here. She is not an immigrant, she is American. Please work on completing your education.

    b. Haiti is not in the West Indies. At all. Please learn geography. And stop hating.

  45. To Lea, I agree with Olive. As a friend of Michelle’s family and fellow immigrant, I take offense to your bitter and resentful comments. Please stop and listen to your own words. Do you realize how hateful and prejudice you sound? Michelle is 100% American just like you, and regardless of where her family came from, they have worked long and hard (without excuses, without pity) to provide a better life for her and she was no fool, she seized the opportunity that was offered…
    I too watched my parents and grandparents worked, bled and cried, and I too seized my opportunity and graduated from Howard University with honors. So before you start telling immigrants to basically go back and work on their own country, you need to work on your negative attitude and realize that we are all in this struggle together, for better or for worse….regardless of race, creed and color.

  46. I watch Michelle on Hardball and Countdown almost every day and I have never seen any evidence she is a Barack Obama supporter. In fact today, she came across as a true Republican hater! Maybe it is an act or maybe it is not, but if anyone from the Obama campaign watches her on television with any regularity, she will not be working in that administration.

    • That is the point Dawn. Michelle is playing both sides of the fence. When it was CONVENIENT she was a Republican. She served on the Bush/Cheney Inaguaral Ball Planning Committee and as the CEO of an ultraconservative Republican think tank. NOW, with Obama in office she is distancing herself from what got her ahead – being a conservative African American. I knew her in law school and she was a liberal Dem. What I dislike is how she flip flops in order to get ahead. It was HARD being a Dem during the Republican administration…now she wants to distance herself and I say she should stay right on over there with Bush and Cheney!

      Plus, those of you who think she is so smart. She is smart, but not so smart as to add anything meaningful to the dialogue. Listen to what she says on Hardball. It is usually noncommittal or a recitation of something that Chris Mathews has said. Michelle’s opinions come not from analysis and work but from internet clips…all flash, no substance.

  47. I wonder if Michelle Bernard would feel differently about the feminists who fight every day to liberate women from the sexist ideologies which pigeonhole them into objects for consumption by the male gaze if she knew what some of you losers were saying about her. The way you are treating her is absolutely shabby – she is not a sex object, she is not a beauty for your eyes’ pleasure.

    (Also, Bernard is not a Democrat, she is an Independent with right-wing leanings.)

  48. let me confront all these generalizations with one of my own: what is it about african american females in the professional world? they’ll attack a black male colleague or one of their peer sisters in a second— but then just as eagerly lick the butt of any white male that has authority over them. disgusting!

  49. Michelle Bernard and Pat Buchanan are the only articulate people on MSNBC. At least they have minds of their own. She seems extremely nice but very intelligent as well. I think there are a lot of haters on here because she is not only intelligent but also very beautiful. Plus because she is obviously very independent minded and not a sheep, and because she believes in limited government, people with other political leanings naturally want to attack her. I do agree that the fact her parents were immigrants from the Caribbean definitely helped influence her political world view. Hopefully MSNBC will use Michelle more and more. They should have given her a show instead of Rachel Maddow.

  50. Although Michelle Bernard name has nothing to do with African American, remember we were all (blacks) brought from Africa in “SLAVE BOATS”. Oh maybe that’s the reason why the name some of us… AFRICAN Americans….PERHAPS. LOL. Stop the Blacks on Blacks hate, when a racist white person sees a Black person….trust me he doesn’t give a fuck about your ethnicity…
    100% Haitian

  51. Although Michelle Bernard name has nothing to do with African American, remember we were all (blacks) brought from Africa in “SLAVE BOATS”. Oh maybe that’s the reason why the name some of us… AFRICAN Americans….PERHAPS. LOL. Stop the Blacks on Blacks hate, when a racist white person sees a Black person….trust me he doesn’t give a rat ass about your ethnicity…
    100% Haitian

  52. My well loved sisters and brothers, what is wrong with us?

    Were we not raised to be educated, to love one another and respectful of each other? Regardless of our political affiliation, we should not knock each other around. We are all descendants of Africa and as well, Gods’ children.

    Some have opportunities in life that others have not been blessed with however, it is our own responsibility to go after what we want in life. We are always speaking of limited role models, but we are just as quick to criticize. For a very long time, there were no blacks on television on any station.

    Regardless of how she obtained her education (as long as it was legal), where she attended college, her political affiliation, whom she’s married to, whether she wears a wedding ring, is not as important as her being a successful black female.

    I do not agree with her most of the time, but I am proud of her in her career and it is her career, not ours and I don’t even know her.

    I do know that we all have to check Black or African American in the box.

  53. Curious to know what “not a surprise..” means, as in “Michelle Bernard has West Indian blood, not a surprise..”? Anyone?

    I was looking around for info on Michelle to get a bead on what misinforms her politics, when I ran into this thread.

    It would interesting to know what of general worth that any African American would find to PUBLICLY endorse in the Republi-con Party as it is presently constituted?
    Maybe it is the case that the Republi-con Party is more overtly racist than the Democrats; and it is always best to ‘keep your enemies’ closer? lol

    And this ‘diversity’ excuse is just that, an excuse.
    Those who surrender to diversity WILL also surrender to that which is destructive and self-destructive.

    The choice for intelligent minds is not of so-called ‘diversity’: The choice is ALWAYS going to be between what is good and what is evil, what is right and what is wrong, what is life-supporting and what is life-damaging.
    To support any position or cause on the basis of so-called ‘diversity’ is misguided.

  54. I am A proud Jamaican and it is really sad that any one should be talking like this.Jamaicans are not racists, we don’t see colour, we see people & opportunities and we work hard to achieve our dreams .We don’t see being black as reason for being mediocre, Michelle has every reason to choose whatever path she deems necessary to reach her goals.My advice to the haters is to do same for yourselves.
    Life is for living not existing so wake up AA and get your American dream and don’t blame whites ,west Indians,East Indian,Africans etc. the blame is on you and you alone .

  55. Looks like Michelle has Jamaican heritage…Oh shucks. I would rather giver her to Haiti since I am of Jamaican heritage myself. (See Bio below from wikipedia). Anyway I think she is a phony.

    Michelle D. Bernard (born 1964, Washington DC) is an American journalist, conservative political analyst, and President and CEO of the Independent Women’s Forum.
    Bernard graduated from Howard University with a B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy. She has a JD degree from the Georgetown University Law Center, and was a partner at the law firm Patton Boggs. In 2000, she was a member of the Bush-Cheney Presidential Inaugural Committee. She was the chair for the District of Columbia’s Redevelopment Land Agency.
    Bernard is a political and legal analyst for MSNBC, and is frequently a panelist on the The McLaughlin Group.
    Her family heritage is Jamaican-American. Speaking of her family upbringing, in an interview with Bill Steigerwald, “My parents are American citizens, but they come from Jamaica. I was raised with very American and Jamaican values. In our culture, we have a very strong sense of pride and of family honor and of self-reliance.”[1]
    She is married to Joe Johns, a correspondent for CNN, who is also a journalist with a law degree. They have two children: Logan Christopher and Avery Michelle.

  56. Hey Rawtid…I’m Jamaican. How did you come to the conclusion that she’s a phony? before or after you read her biography? there’s nothing there that warrants your description of her. The only thing I can conclude from this is that she is well educated, very successful and has strong family values and ties, and that you are one of the few but damaging haters.


    • bragging rights? the only reason his fat black ass could even come here was because of AAs? Ya dig? And he was not a leader for AA. Maybe for you, not for us…..

  58. With all due respects (and for some it’s nil), some of the previous commenters are clearly knuckleheads. It goes to show that not everyone with a keyboard should type. Whether your immigration status in these US are a few generations more than others is irrelevant, per se. Our social ills affect us all, whites, blacks and all shades between, and we all can learn from each other. What counts are the issues. If we keep arguing black & white, dems & gops, or libs and conservs, the problems will only remain for your kids to regurgitate. Put another way, if we focus on the differences and not our common ground, then most will lose.

    Regarding Michelle, if you do not like her views, ideology, politics, skin hue or tone, family, heritage or ethnicity, did you know you have similar opportunities to chart your course. Small minds/people denigrate others in the dark and when they are not available to defend themselves.

  59. The Jamaican idiot who married the “sister from the south” needs to recognize that slavery did occur in Jamaica and that so-called Willie Lynch rules was said to have originated from a slave master in the Caribbean. Maybe it makes him feel better not to acknowledge his background as a descendant of slaves (which you are if you are black and came from anywhere in the Western Hemisphere) There was also a time in Jamaica that blacks and definitely darker skinned blacks would not be employed in certain positions (eg. banks). Furthermore, Africans have had to endure imperialism, not quite slavery, but close enough. And lastly some of the biggest contributors to African-American culture themselves are either immigrants or the children of one or both parents being immigrants: Colin Powell, Marcus Garvey, Kwame Toure (Stokely Carmichael), Farrakhan, Malcolm X and BARACK OBAMA and that’s off the top of my head. Most Jamaicans (and I would say West Indians) definitely believe in hard work and studies, but as far as Michelle Bernard, I disagree, they are not social and fiscal conservatives unless they come from the so-called “upper class” which this is now a class issue and is no different that what you see in this country. Unfortunately, most of you in here need to read a book and get a clue. As black people we are in no position to start dividing ourselves up, we all need each other. We may have differences depending on where we are from, but we definitely have too many similarities.

  60. She is very articulate and states positions that are very interesting and varied. We need more like her and besides she is a very beautiful woman and I mean that in the most respectful way

  61. Michelle Bernard is ABSOLUTELY Jamaican — and should be proud of her heritage. She is a little older than me – but, i went to high school with her younger sister and am close with her brother.

    All of her sisters went to Law school and have accomplished a lot – they should be proud.

    Don’t try to put her down – she comes from a long line of succcessful people.

  62. 4 them stupid and ignorant!
    those who say that haiti is not part of the west indies y’all need to check up your geography

    Haiti – MSN Encarta – 1:06amClick to enlarge) Haiti (Mapping Specialists, Ltd.) Haiti A country of the West Indies comprising western Hispaniola and two offshore islands …
    encarta.msn.com/encyclopedia_761576153/haiti.html – 43k – Cached – Similar pages –


  63. A history lesson to african americans :the most rebellious slaves were sent to jamaica and the other west indian islands.There were numerous rebellious outbreaks throughout the colonial period and even post colonial during which the slaves would burn the plantations and kill all the slave owners. The common saying was before i be a slave i be buried in my grave. We who come to america as immigrants know that racisms exists, however, we do not let racists or xenophobes define who we are ,or limit our achievement.So whether you are black or white,or brown, do you really think you can stop the indomitable west indian spirit that spawned Marcus Garvey, malcolm x ,Farakkhan , Colin Powell , Bob Marley,Shirley Chisholm Busta Rhymes KRS 1 Kool Herc and countless other black icons too numerous to mention.Try drinking our cool aid, we got a secret ingredient called caanstapwe.

  64. Those of you who are thrilled with Obama’s ascendency to the presidency has it ever occurrec to you that he (Obama) does not have any African-American connection?

  65. I am disappointed that brothers and sisters have lowered themselves to this unfortunate state of affair. What’s wrong with black people? When people begin to hate they are unfortunately projecting who they are internally, not happy with themselves. I have read comments from both protagonists and come away thinking name calling and insults will get neither nowhere. Years ago I had a picture on my office wall that had two arguing heads with an inscription under them; don’t argue with a fool nobody will notice the difference!

    Blaming a group of people en massae to say the least is ignorant. It makes no difference who is doing the blame. The African American is certainly wrong when s/he attacks people from the Caribbean, instead they should attack ideas not people.

    When one attacks people it becomes personal, other people will fight back, no questions asked. And who is to blame them. This in turn creates a vicious cycle that degenerates into the above unfortunate state of affairs. Instead the African American should see a Caribbean brother / sister as a person to team up with and face this torturous America with one voice.

    On the other hand black immigrants, I included ( Kenya, Africa) should treat Afro Americans with respect, they deserve. We need to understand that they arrived here before us and fought our battles before we even showed up. I take my hat off for the African American for what s/he has gone through. Being beaten down for all these years is no easy business.

    Unfortunately too African Americans are still being discriminated at a much higher rate than their immigrants counterparts. This is often done to prove to the African Americans that if blacks from other countries can do well then something is wrong with you! Guys its only a tool to divide and rule.

    Some of us are lucky that we didn’t have people breathing down our throats most of our life. It is hard, really hard to just be seen negatively all of one’s life and be expected to be successful. So we black immigrants need to give African Americans a break. We need to understand that they shed ed real blood so that we might have life abundantly.

    Anyan’g Nyon’g

  66. Saw her in person. I am 6′ 1″ inches and she was easily as tall as me. Very pretty but a little amazonian.

    Didn’t know she was affiliated with the Independent Women’s Forum which is a misnomer since they are neither (independent or a true forum) because they support and are supported by conservative ideological views and agendas.

    Haven’t followed her closely as I have other black conservative talking heads such as Amy Holmes, Armstrong Williams and Michael Steele but the problem I have with those three is that they continually deny the exclusion and the dirty and sometimes racist tactics used by their party against their own people.

    I have no problem with their political views although they are radically different from mine. I just wish they would acknowledge and try to change there own party from within instead of choosing to turn a blind eye to tow the party line.

    I do not know MB personally, but I do agree with some of the comments that being a black conservative can be used by some opportunist to their advantage both economically and professionally (See Armstrong Williams and No Child Left Behind).

  67. I want to make hot sweet monkey love to Michelle on sheets emblazoned with the image of Che Guevera while we listen to President Obama’s election night speech in the background.

    She may profess to be a conservative, but give her some good liberal lovemaking and she’ll be denouncing supply-side economics by the end of the week.

    Inside every conservative woman is a Code Pink liberal screaming to get out.

    Yeah baby, yeah.

  68. People from Africa and the Caribbean kiss the white man’s ass. Go to the Caribbean islands as i have been doing for 15 years and observe how you guys serve the white man. I’ve seen how you jump at his command; i’ve heard how he speaks to you, very condensending. As African American’s, we get ignored. I work with a woman from the West Indies and her hatred of AA is very evident in her interest in everything white. I am amazed by the way her facial expressions seem to say..I’ll volunteer to be in chains… But she is a miserable negative person as most of Caribbean women are. Your values are no greater or different than ours, it is how we as individuals choose to live our lives. There are very successful AA men and women and please do not keep comparing the few from the Caribbean to the past, present and future AA leaders. You guys sicken me when you so stupidly and ignorantly try to put down AA because you think that we are not taking advantage of opportunities here, in this country. If it wasn’t for us you dummies would lose your jobs because you wouldn’t have a hot comb, curling iron or relaxer to style your nappy heads with, a cell phone to call your boss and tell him you’ll be late or patience enough to stop at a red light, once you’ve left home to speed to your job and serve your master..i’ve just mentioned a few inventions by AA..
    And like I’ve always said, don’t come over here to use our country; we don’t need you and won’t notice when you leave..
    More and more AA’s are becoming aware of your dislike for us and it’s evident that YOU come over here with your twisted image of us. and for the vast majority of AA’s we don’t like you. This is why, just notice, you remain isolated in a crowd of us. And the segregation is purposely done. You come over here and shop designer and then have the nerve to talk about someone who doesn’t?? NEWSFLASH!! Shopping for designer clothing is sooo old. We’ve been doing it for yearssssss. But I guess you would think you’ve struck gold once you’ve learned that plaid and stripes don’t match and buying a sale item for $15 down from $40 is a real bargain….(learn a real lesson, $15 was all it’s worth anyway) Serious venting!!!!!
    Anyway, you guys will make great slaves once the call to slavery is sounded again (there is nothing new under the sun)

  69. Hi,
    Just a white guy reading this thread. I had no idea that you people felt this way about people of other colors and origins. I don’t think this is what MLK had in mind. All the black people that I have met seem really nice.

  70. OK, ‘Bill’ who are the ‘you people’ you are referring to? Just curious? Hmm, so what are we, the blacks on the blog here, chop liver?

    Anyway, I am an MSNBC junkie as well and lately everytime Michelle is on Matthews or any other show, I find myslef reaching for the remote control to either change the channel or fast forward my Tivo. I have found her to be fake and like someone who knows her well indicated, an opportunist. I have seen several interviews of her in the past, and she never passes the opportunity to point out that she is ‘independent’.

    And then, yesterday happend. I am sure many of you heard the controversy with Dick Armey and his sexist remark to Joan Walsh on Hardball yesterday when he said that he was glad she was not his wife because, welll basically, she was smarter than he is. At least that was what I got from him.

    After that segment, guess who was on? Yep, Michelle and Bon Herbert of the NY Times. So, when Tweety (Matthews) without missing a beat tried to continue the segment, Herbert, to his great credit, pointed out that what Dick said was out of line and that he owed an apology to Walsh and his viewers. And what did Michelle, the Independent Women’s Forum CEO, say? Not a word! Not even a peep!!! There was a black man sticking up for a woman, just like his momma taught him, and there was the black woman sitting there smiling like she was on TV for the first time. It was really shamefull moment for women. She could have at least said, I agree with Bob Herbert. Her silence on the topic was shocking!!! I suppose she really is Independent on women’s issues. It was incredible. Shame on both Armey and Michelle.

    Shame on you Michelle!!

    Love the blog BTW

  71. Chereka,
    I appeared to be the only white person commenting. But I was referring to the individuals who were putting down others because of their color or place of ancestry. There were others who felt like I did as I recall. What did you think I meant by “you people?” People of color? No. Sorry. I have always tried to look at a person’s heart and actions. BTW I saw the same interview. Dick Army was disrespectful and the comment was irrelevant , but I don’t think it is fair to judge Michelle on her silence. She may have condemned it as well. In my case and in Michelle’s is it possible that you are a little presumptuous?

  72. Bill,

    I appreciate the clarification, and I am not trying to lecture you about language etiquette as it relates to color, but I hope you can see where the words “you people” can be misinterreted. And I will take you at your words in that you see people with their actions, but I hope you see that it is almost impossible to not be concsious of someone’s color in the US. I am sure you will agree with me that it is also impossible to ‘look’ as someone’s heart without looking at his/her face first.

    As for Michelle, I don’t think I was being presumptuous and I beg to differ with you. I think it is absolutely fair to judge her on her silence. We only go with what we see. And from what I saw, she did not condem Armey. She may have also may NOT have condemned him. But beyond that, as a woman and CEO of an organization which claims to support the idea of a “…civil society by advancing economic liberty, personal responsibility, and political freedom”, I think it is her DUTY to speak up when she witnesses a situation like that. Actually, I commend Bob Herbert for speaking out and opening the door for her to speak up against it, but she for some reason refused to do so on the air so that all viewrs can hear it. But her silence we deafening. For that she deserves to be criticized.






  74. Thank you Chereka. I always try to be careful about my words, but fail sometimes. Your points are well made. Your mission statement is interesting as well. Similar to our nation’s, right?

  75. To CSCB, I have to wonder about the type of person you are. You hate West Indians so much that you continue to go there for 15 years. FIFTEEN YEARS!! Either you are a glutton for punishment or you are just another bitter, uninformed, jealous and insecure person. Everything you said was laced with such venom. What gives, hon? I do believe thou doth protest too much. Sorry if your advents to get your groove on turned out to be a failure. Instead of insulting Caribbean people, saying that they should stay in their countries, perhaps you are the one who should stick to your homeland as I am sure that they too, wouldn’t miss a miserable person like you. You need to read the story about the fox and the sour grapes. Tsk, tsk!!

  76. I STILL dont get it.
    Y does Michelle having Jamaican parents explain her 2nd marriage to Joe Johns?

    How does her Jamaican descent explian her Republicanism ?

  77. Michelle Bernard is just another STEALTH-RIGHT-WINGER,
    masquerading as a “liberal”.

    Michele is Liberal like she’s Chinese.

    In other words, NOT.

    The right-wing is so desperate that they’ve left honest discourse far behind and must depend on sneaking their message in wherever the Public can be fooled.

    Conservatism can barely show its honest face anymore in America, lest it be booed off the stage, shouted down,
    or better yet, exposed as the America-Destroying phenomenon it actually is.

  78. Nikto,

    Conservatives that I know are honest people. I try to be honest. Our message is often based on Christian or traditional principles. It is an honest message. We are very concerned about the liberal point of view that appears to be anti-God, anti-unborn child, and anti-traditional marriage. I am not trying to fool anyone with that message. Conservatives feel that we are all healthier, and so is our country if we follow conservative principles. I have seen conservatives booed off the stage with that message. However, when liberals have come to Christian universities, I have seen them treated with respect. Let me ask you this. Is “pro-choice” an honest description when it doesn’t mention what the choice is? On the other hand, “pro-life” means that every child has the right to be born. What could be destroying America more than killing 3000 unborn children a day? (35% African Americans)

  79. You caribbean and african immigrants talk a lot of smack about black americans being such screwups, but the last time I looked the top players in ALL fields (minus the president) are African-American, not immigrants. Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Deval Patrick, David Patterson, Ben Carson, Alan Parsons, ect. are all African Americans. I think we know a thing or two about how the game is played. You all need to shut up, sit down, and take notes.

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  81. I have been watching Michelle Bernard for sometime each time I was left wondering.. whose acceptance is she seeking…who is she really advocating for..who is she really trying to impress…I must admit at times I have thought that she and Chris Matthew (who is a real closeted Republican) have a hidden attraction. After all why would a smart woman allow herself to be used as a token by many Republicans..There are many moments when on hardball Chris Matthews will treats Michelle with much disrespect and yet she does not seem to be able to pick up on that…I get the immigrant thing..its true that many Black immigrants are generally more accepted by many White Americans…is it good.. no..but it fits in with the historical issues of race in United States… Michelle Bernard has taken advantage of this dynamic without ever understanding that she is working and affirming the fundamental goals of racism…Like her…I am an immigrant and may not agree with many AA but I would not sell my soul to the Republicans who for years openly display their racist views of Black People. Michelle Bernard plays the same token role for the Republicans just as good as Steele and Jindal. Furthermore she and Palin are the Women tokens for a Republican party that does not advocate for Womens Issues…Michelle Bernard brilliant and beautiful is a master token on behalf of Black People and Women who simply want to be treated equally and fairly… without having to sell ass or soul…

  82. Why can’t so many Black Americans simply accept and RESPECT that some blacks are conservative / republicans?

    Where is it law that if you are a Black person in America, you have to be a Democrat to be politically correct?

    The USA is a country of choice. Many blacks in America complain that the Republican Party is a white party, but when a Black person (who genuinely) believe in the
    GOP / Republican platform affiliate with the GOP they are criticized as being an opportunist.

    Before you criticize another Black Republican, just think for one second about how difficulty it is for a Black person to “come out the closet” and be honest with themselves, their friends, family and society that they fundamentally do not support the Democratic ideals. Let’s commit to respect people’s right to affiliate on the right or left or center, etc.

    Black Democrats are Democrats because they made that choice. Why can’t Black Republicans have the same choice?

    • I wish Michelle would stay a Republican. Wha tI resent is now that we have Barack Obama in office, she is equivocating about her Republican stance. She will not criticize him or the Dems because she wants in on the Dem party now that we have Barack Obama in office. Being a Republican was all well and good when she was working on the Bush/Cheney campaign, but now she is trying to flip flop or at least appear “independent” by registering as an independent, rather than a Republican which is what she was.

  83. Wow Lia, I think you need to calm down and do some additional research. If you were to quit the rant and look further, you would see that Colin Powell, Adrian Fenty, Eric Holder, Gwen Ifill and Shirley Chisholm are all of West-Indian descent and they are only a few.

    I don’t understand the animosity toward blacks who immigrate and work hard for what they want and I sincerely resent that implication. I am a Barbadian who immigrated, pursued B.A. and M.S degrees and am a professional. My whole family immigrated and amoung us we have Accountants, Doctors, Engineers etc. Some of us have stayed here while others have emmigrated back home. As a general rule we West Indians don’t beg or borrow but instead work hard (not saying that others don’t).

    I consider myself an independent with some liberal views and I don’t begrudge this woman her success. Some of us don’t know our history as it seems like some on this board believe that Blacks in America were the only group to suffer from the plight called slavery. Slavery in the Caribbean was used to perfect slavery in the Americas. The slave codes used to torture us as a people were developed in Barbados.

    As someone said earlier, this is the strategy used to keep Blacks enslaved for centuries across the world. We tear each other down rather than celebrate the successes that can build up our communities.

  84. Being a fiscal conservative is not related to political party. There have three fiscally conservative Presidents since Eisenhower: Carter, Bush Sr. and Clinton. Adam Smith was the father of conservative fiscal economic policy and is the name dropped by “conservative” Republicans. If you read Adam Smith’s two classics, you will find that his conservative fiscal advise is twofold: 1) government ought not spend except out of extreme necessity or emergency and 2) when government does spend, it must raise taxes to pay for it. He prohibits borrowing, and certainly prohibits printing (which according to Milton Friedman is what really goes on when the US Treasury “borrows” from the public). Smith is particularly adamant about not spending on military items (an ongoing fiscal stimulus in the US), and when the government does spend for war, it must finance it with taxes.

    This means, in particular, that Reagan was no fiscal conservative.

  85. Remember! Flickr Community Guidelines specify that if you post a Flickr photo on an external website, the photo must link back to its photo page. (So, use Option 1.)

    You published my photo of Michelle Bernard and Chris Matthews. The least you can do is provide your readers with photo credit when it is due.

  86. Black Conservatives are of a different mind-set. We need more people of color involved in diverse groups. It is not a question as to what one is inasmuch as it is what one does. I hope she will speak up for jobs and education for all people. The GOP has a poor record with the disadvantaged people.

  87. I am a Jamaican by birth,born to a Jewish mother and Black jamaican Father..they got married in 1940..this union was quite rare in those times..this shows how progressive Ja is..I went to High School with Michelle Bernard’s dad…Milton He was incredibly tall as a high school student,and quite a famous Athlete in Jamaican sports and a very well brought up young man..his speciality was.,Shotput,and Discus..he may have done some track 400 yds then.When he Graduated from High School in the late 50’s like many students of the day , He went off to Howard University to Study Dentistry,subsequently qualified as a Dentist and remained in the USA,where he still resides..I have stated these facts to clear up the misinformed nonsense written by most of the attached comments.Now to the scurillous attacks on Jamaicans and West Indians,about our “uppitiness” we are not uppity. we are just a hell of a lot more educated and exposed than the typical Black American,reason We were enslaved by well educated English People,the typical Black American was enslaved by poorly educated Scotch,Welsh and just horrible redneck types..and the result shows the opportunities that we were afforded,did not exist for Black Americans…Here is another interesting Fact about Jamaica..We were the First Country in the Modern World to Allow Jews to become Land owners,outside of Medevial Europe..So we have a history of Many Firsts..For instance the City of Waco in Texas was Founded by a Jamaican sephardic Jew,by the name of Jacob De Cordova,So to the “Nattering Nabbobs of Negatavisim” (thanks Spiro Agnew)do your postings from a position of “being informed”..the displayed ignorance is Cloying and shows a total lack of intellectual curiosity.To those who are curious about Jamaica ,go to the site..www.jamaicagleaner.com…google “pieces of the past” and enjoy.

  88. Regarding political pundit Michelle Bernard, the ONE thing you need to know about Michelle – and I have had the opportunity up close & personal see her in action in a variety of envirements & circumstances – is that BEFORE she was an “independent,” and BEFORE she was a “conservative,” and BEFORE she was a “republican,” and BEFORE she was a “conservative democrat” (in law school), she was a “liberal” in college. The point is, Michelle Bernard is a political opportunist, as well as social opportuniest if you inderstand her two marriages. That said, she is no different from a whole cackle of media personalities & hollywood celebrities who SELL THEIR SOULS in order to remain visible and relevant.

    • Hmm..interesting. I have heard this before but Wren answer me this is it possible that Ms.Bernard’s political views simply evolved based on her personal and professional experiences? Thank you so much for your comment.

  89. I like my female commentators a little less fine. It is a real distraction for me. People, there are so many ways to be black. Black people who leave other countries: Caribbean countries, African countries, Europe and come to America are generally better educated than others in the land of their origin and also risk takers. They also tend to be better educated than most native born Americans, white or black. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African_immigration_to_the_United_States

    That might add to the perception of difference. Rich and accomplished native born African Americans appear to live in their own world too. I have come across Africans and Caribbean people who think they are better, but those are generally ignorant people with no appreciation of history and their own background. Hopefully we extend the definition of what it means to be black, because it will only make us stronger.

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  91. 300 years from now when whites, Asians, Latinos and others are exploring other planets and living in space colonies, blacks will STILL be on the corner outside of liquor stores berating any black person who tries to escape the horror of mainstream black culture (lil wayne, etc.)

    Its sad but true. Blacks are a doomed people.

  92. Does anyone know what Joe Biden’s blood line is or John McCain.I’ve been told Bill Clinton has black blood and where he was born there was Lot’s of interracial sex going on i say this because I never remember anyone being concerned about any other peoples blood line being questioned until the Black guy was elected. I do not care what blood any of them have as long as they carry out the will of the voters.
    Most people enter politics to either run for office ,work for official or get good appointment its been done for years.so what?

  93. It sounds to me like some of you people need to get together with Ted Nugent find a closet and jerk off together!

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