Rocking Rachel Maddow..


I had never heard of Rachel Maddow until a few months ago but from all that I’ve seen and heard Rachel Maddow rocks..

For all of you who watch MSNBC you know her she’s a regular MSNBC analyst but before that sweet guest spot she had been hosting and continues to host a regular show on Air America Radio.

Anyway, I know I’m kinda biased in my support of her but even if you don’t agree with her opinions you’ve got to give her her props, she’s smart, funny, opinionated and she can hold her own against the conservative and Republican big boys i.e Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough.

Now who wouldn’t love a woman like that?







8 thoughts on “Rocking Rachel Maddow..

  1. She’s pretty bright and sometimes funny. And if you’re a woman who loves women (romantically), she’s just your type. 🙂

  2. She is smart and all that, but she’s got a way of speaking as if she’s always about to break up in laughter, which is tiresome. Also, her vocal pitch goes up and down way too much, it’s over-dramatic, like listening to a continual commercial.

    Amy Goodman, Oprah, Ivins, have voices I like hearing.

    Not to criticize Maddow’s message, mind you….

  3. Sure. Amy Goodman is easier to listen to…if you’re trying to get to sleep! Listenig to Rachel Maddow keeps me awake, aware, and amused. I hope she never changes a thing!

  4. I’ve listened to Rachel on Air America over the last several years, and yes, she can go toe to toe with the conservative big boys.

    She’s an example of what there’s too few of on tv news: Tough, smart, and articulate liberals. Instead we get the likes of Clarence Page, stuttering and stammering his points out or Juan Williams, who’s really more of a moderate than a liberal.

  5. I am a Bahamian who love American politics, especially this year. MSNBC is the station I watch to keep me informed at all times. I love Rachel Maddow, she’s funny, feisty, smart and know her politics.

    In terms of her appearence I think her make up is beautiful and complements her flawless skin, and I love that hair cut…don’t change a thing you’re doing geat!

    Kudos to you and your new promotion on MSNBC.

    Bahamian Fan

  6. I love Rachel. She’s funny, brilliant, and exactly what we need to speak for the left. I’ve enjoyed her on Air American and I’m thrilled to see her climb in the TV ratings. I hope to watch her for many years to come!

  7. She makes a girl want to give the rest of her life and her organs to her. Here’s some songs that express how she makes me feel: http: //

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