Olympic fever..I have it bad..

Yesterday, I watched the US Olympic trials in Judo and women and men’s Greco-Roman wrestling on MSNBC.

Yes, I said  women’s wrestling I didn’t know that women wrestle at the Olympics? Did you? Apparently it became an Olympic sport in 2004..hmm..I don’t know how that slipped by me, well anyway, add that sport to my Olympic watching list..

You see, every four years I get a ‘fever’ around this time and the only relief comes at the end of the summer games but don’t worry I’m going to enjoy every single moment of my ‘Olympic fever’.

Now, I’m not a huge sports fan but every four years I become a sports fanatic…my television is set permanently on the station covering the Olympics and I even stay up till the wee hours of the morning watching and cheering on competitors in sports that I honestly only care about every four years ..like..rowing and table tennis (to all those people out there who love and play these sports, I mean no offence, they are FANTASTIC sports….lol).

I jump up and down when my team wins and I cry when they lose. 

I cheer and root for the underdog in the fencing competition and I scream at the T.V, when my favorite gymnast steps ‘out of bounds’ and I do a little dance when she executes a perfect routine on the uneven bars and then sticks the landing.

I root for the sole competitor from that tiny, tiny island state and I watch in admiration as he/she finishes a race that we all knew he/she had no chance of winning.

And I watch with a proud and optimistic heart as the athletes from Iran and the US shake hands before and after a match of volleyball (although I don’t know if these two have ever met on a volleyball court…you get the idea..lol).

The Olympics brings out the best in athletes and in a way it brings out the best in me, maybe that’s why I love watching it so very, very much…




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