Obama moving to the center, but of course, he wants to win..




In recent weeks Obama has been shifting his positions on issues and has been moving slowly toward the center.

He has begun to take a more moderate stance on specific issues including gun control, foreign policy, and the death penalty and he’s even touting his religious creds by saying that he wants to expand the faith based initiative program started by George Bush!

Boy, the gall of this man he actually believes he can and wants to win this thing!

And apparently a lot of his supporters on the left are hopping mad at him for wanting to do just that.

Ok, they aren’t really mad at him for that, but a lot of his supporters on the left are probably a bit confused by his actions and words so far.

However, as one of those left leaning supporters I’m not a bit surprised or even mad. 


‘Cause I want him to win and I want a democratic controlled Congress and Senate come November too!

And I know that this country is not going to elect a democratic candidate for president that is seen as way too liberal in the same vein it wouldn’t elect a Republican that is seen as far too conservative.

Obama knows this he’s seen what has happened to candidates that are perceived as way too liberal.i.e John Kerry and *Al Gore (you know why that asterisk is there, no need for an explanation..lol) and he’s being proactive by taking centrist stances on issues that are important to a lot of people in this country but where the shades of grey are so numerous that taking a far left or far right stance could be seen as ludicrous and taking such stances leaves you wide open for attack.

Obama is doing what he has do in order to win.

And I’m not mad at him.

And less we forget he’s a politician and he has an agenda. That agenda meshes a lot with what most of us on the left want to see occur in this country but remember he’s not the second coming of Christ, nor is he the next Martin Luther King so when he starts to tactfully shift some of his positions to the center we shouldn’t get mad or upset that is of course if we want to win the White House in November.


6 thoughts on “Obama moving to the center, but of course, he wants to win..

  1. This post is spot on and it hits on many of my problems I have with the Democratic Party even though I am myself a moderate democrat. From Hillary Clinton’s whining supporters to this nonsense Democrats are looking to find a way to lose. John McCain has shifted on major positions so the Dems should focus on attacking him not on Obama because he is not the next coming of Jesus. On a tangent of sorts I want to apologize to the author of the blog for my comments about the Michelle Bernard piece. I thought the individual that left the spiteful comments was the author herself.

  2. The problem with this shifting towards the center strategy is that its a failed one. Both Gore and Kerry tried it, and it didn’t work. Quite frankly, I don’t think the majority of the country wants to see Obama move towards the center.

    Over 80% of the population feels the country is on the wrong track. Bush’s popularity is mired in the 20s, and has been for years now making him one of the most unpopular presidents in modern history. The country is begging for someone who’ll make a change for the better. How is moving towards Bush’s position on something like the FISA bill going to help Obama? I doubt the country is clamoring to see retroactive immunity for telecom companies.

    When Bush ran for reelection in 2004, he was an unpopular president presiding over an unpopular war. But he stood up at the Republican convention and basically said (paraphrasing) “I support this war and I stand by my decision to invade Iraq. You may not agree with me, but at least you know what I stand for and that I stick to my convictions” That convinced enough of the country to vote him back into office.

    Obama would do better standing by his convictions rather than some vain attempt to attract some mythical voters in the “center” that probably wouldn’t vote for him anyway.

  3. First of all to KS, thanks for the comments and apology accepted..lol..no worries or no hard feelings..

    And to DamonO, thanks for the comments and listen I completely understand what you’re saying and your point of view but Obama cannot win simply by appealing to the left..he needs some of those ‘moderate’ (what is that by the way, in these times..lol) voters and he’s not going to get them or even convince them to vote for him at least once by espousing the rhetoric of the left, believe me, I wish we/he could win elections like that..lol but I have seen that it hasn’t and wouldn’t work in our political system..it might work in Europe but it wouldn’t work here..I eagerly await your response..

    BTW..FISA in itself wouldn’t help Obama but the fact that he’s willing to break ranks with his fellow Democrats will..he will be seen as being ‘more independent’ and frankly it makes him look like he has a ‘mind of his own’, a leader not a follower, etc, etc..

  4. Thank you for the kind response, blackliberal. I’m new to this site, and I like it so much that I’ve already added to my favorites list.

    If you get a free moment, I’d like you to read a column by Glen Greenwald, a columnist/blogger at salon.com that is one of the most insightful writers I’ve ever read. He talks specifically about the “move to the center” tactic. I’d like to know your thoughts on what he writes:


    Regardless, I enjoy your blog, and I hope to be here regularly.

  5. Hello DamonO,

    Thank you so much for your regular vists and comments. I do hope you continue to visit regularly because I really do enjoy your comments and insights.

    Ok..I did read the article and here are a few of my thoughts..

    While I understand why Mr.Greenwald believes that Obama’s move to the center when it pertains to national security and terrorism is unwise, in my blog I wasn’t only speaking about national security issues I was talking about finding a central common ground on very, very, controversial issues including National Security.

    I don’t see this middle ground as being owned and controlled by the GOP, in fact I think, taking the middle is wise when it comes to many controversial issues, especially when it pertains to a presidential campaign (state and local elections are another affair entirely). Having center positions allows presidential candidates, if they do become president, the abilty to formulate policy and seek support from both sides on controversial issues.

    So, even though I understand why Mr.Greenwald thinks that moving to the center is cliche and simply ‘played out’ when it comes to National Security. I don’t believe, like he does, that ” “What makes Democrats look weak is their patent fear of standing by their own views.”

    It can be argued that the Democrats lost, election after election because we rigidly stood by our views without realizing that the country doesn’t necessarily share all the views we have on particular issues and our refusal to accept and understand that has cost us darely. And I can think of one particular area where that has consistently been a problem..religion and faith.

    Democrats are not less religious or less faithful than Republicans however we seemingly have a hard time articulating our faith or even our position on religion’s place in the public sphere without appearing insincere.

    John Kerry, was born and raised a catholic however, whenever he talked about religion or his faith I didn’t believe a word he said..and I’m not even religious!

    So, I would argue that what makes us look weak and costs us elections has been our inability to take sincere and politically believable stances that are opposite from that of our natural political base and then translate those stances into votes because those stances do appeal to, even though you might not want to admit it, independents and moderates and even to some moderate Republicans.

    Obama has the opportunity to do that this time around and he’s doing it correctly-so far but who knows he might end up taking a few too many steps towards the center and end up in RED territory and that could cost him to acquire the politically destructive label of flip flopper.

  6. blackliberal, thanks much for your reply. I’m sure we probably agree on more than we disagree on. I’d would like to address several of your points.

    I’m not sure how you come to the conclusion that Democrats have lost election after election because they’ve stood rigidly by their views. One of the criticisms that I’ve heard over and over again is that no one knows what the Democrats stand for. In fact, I’d LOVE to see Democrats actually start standing for their principles. The reason why the Democratically-controlled Congress is experiencing record-low approval ratings isn’t because the public perceives them as being too rigid and stubborn. Its because the public perceives them as caving into to the Bush administration over and over again on the war and other security matters.

    And while I think you’re right that the Democrats certainly could stand to do a better job addressing matters of faith and religion, I don’t think that’s the reason Obama is being perceived as moving to the center. Its because of his caving in on the FISA bill. Unless you’ve read or seen something that I’ve missed, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that his articulation on matters of faith and religion is the reason he’s perceived as moving towards the center.

    The Republicans have been successful at exploiting people of faith and using religion as a wedge issue. You’re right that Democrats have not articulated their views on faith effectively. Part of the reason for that is that the news media continuously gives exposure to right-wing ideologues as Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and (the late) Jerry Falwell, as if they represent ALL people of faith. Meanwhile, more liberal figures like spiritual leaders like Jim Wallis and Welton Gaddy aren’t given the same airtime to espouse their views. Thus, only one side is presented.

    I’m hoping this election will shake things up though. McCain has never presented himself as being especially spiritual, unlike Bush who pretended to be spiritual just enough to fool enough of the Evangelical base into voting for him. I’m hoping Obama can peel enough of that away to put one in the win column. We’ll see.

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