So Rev.Jesse Jackson wants to rip Barack’s b#$%s off…



And apparently these comments will be aired tonight exclusively on FOX News since Jackson made the comments while conducting an interview at FOX News.

Jackson made the disparaging comments about Obama in response to a question about recent Obama speeches on morality.

I have no doubt that Rev. Jackson supports Obama ‘on the surface’ at least  but if your friends say such things about you who needs enemies right? LOL

Now I cannot or would I seek to disrespect Rev.Jackson’s service or contributions to the African American community in the past. However, that’s just it he’s a past, black leader. He is to be honest no longer relevant.

What Rev. Jesse Jackson or Rev. Al Shaprton for that matter thinks about Obama is off little consequence in my world and I would argue in the worlds of many, young professional black people. Their views and opinions on race are somewhat antiquated and I would even argue the views of a lot of older Americans black or white as it pertains to race are also in that vein as well.

For far too long, the African American community and the national media in general have relied on a handful of black leaders to discuss the issues and problems affecting the he black community not recognizing that the community is as diverse as the American population and that there is no longer a need to solicit specific black opinion on so called ‘black matters’.

In the past we did need leaders like the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton but they are no longer necessary and if an Obama candidacy has proven anything at all, it has proved that the fights have changed and that the African American community is not in need of black leadership but leadership in general as is the entire United States.

Obama has sought to define himself as a leader and that to me is true racial progress.

It may be upsetting to some black leaders but if they truly have craved racial progress and truly want to see Blacks in America progress they must stop harping on the fact that Obama does not talk about black issues at every turn or that any criticism of a specific segment of the black population is off limits for a black politician.

Instead they should fully embrace the fact that solutions to the problems facing many black Americans does not lie in the search for or embrace of a new black messiah or a handful of black political leaders and that Obama’s candidacy and future presidency will mean more to race relations than almost anything that has occurred in the last fifty years!

True solutions can only be reached if we recognise that the problems facing black Americans require solutions and discussions with all Americans and that we CANNOT AND MUST not re-fight old fights but focus our energy and attention on new ones.



3 thoughts on “So Rev.Jesse Jackson wants to rip Barack’s b#$%s off…

  1. You know, it kind of makes me uncomfortable when individuals dismiss leaders such as Rev Jackson as “old” or “irrelevant.”

    Isn’t a significant part of the African American experience to venerate our elders?

    Had Martin Luther King lived, would some among us today be dismissing him too as, “irrelevant?”

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