The march towards Idiocracy continues..God help us!!




Now, I’m going back on one of promises here but please, please forgive me I promise I wouldn’t stray again but I couldn’t help it, I clicked on an article about Ashlee Simpson’s pregnancy cravings out of sheer curiousity, why? I don’t know..I was interested..LOL

But lo and behold what confronted me in this article wasn’t an in depth article about celebrity cravings instead one of my biggest fears was confirmed..the world is slowly starting to resemble the world in Idiocracy thanks to people like Pete Wentz and President George Bush!

You see, Pete Wentz, the bassist for the band Fall Out Boy (Backstreet Boys with guitars) and future father ( you know, I don’t know which is scarier the fact that he plays base for a crappy boy band or the fact that he’s a future father…lol) made this brilliant observation, “I heard women become mothers when they become pregnant, and boys become fathers when the baby is born..” OMG!!! He came up with that all by himself! 

But it gets better dear reader he then goes on to tell us his views about parenthood which he compares to making a record..”but knowing you’re going to mix it for the next 18 years of your life.”

Now, if you’ve ever heard a fallout boy album, you know that’s a really, really ominous comparison!


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