Kilpatrick should stop killing Detroit and resign immediately


Kwame Kilpatrick the scandal plagued and proned  Mayor of Detroit should resign immediately.

He has not only disrespected himself and his family by his actions but he has shown no respect for the office of Mayor or for the people of Detroit ( by using city money to cover up his affair and then crying racism when the press starts to investigate) and so he does not deserve or should he serve another day in that office.

Why he was elected boggles my mind..but that’s a blog for another day.

As a former resident of Detroit, I always speak with a heavy heart when talking about Detroit. I love the city of Detroit. From it’s historic downtown buildings,  KING’s BOOKSTORE, Greektown, to the surrounding liberal enclaves of Royal Oak and Ferndale. Detroit grabbed me at first sight and it’s a pity I had to let go, but it’s high crime, high (catastrophic, in my opinion) unemployment and lack of true vision by it’s leaders caused me to relocate within the past year.

I could not grow in Detroit and unfortunately it seems the Motor City is doomed to fail because of leaders like Kwame Kilpatrick and Coleman Young . And while its residents long for and dream of the golden days of yore their leaders rape and pillage the city’s coffers and use the city’s name and extensive good will towards it to advance their own political and professional careers

Kwame Kilpatrick is a failure.

Detroiters and Michiganders are not.

They deserve better but first they must expect more and ask more of themselves and from those who lead them.

N.B I know I haven’t blogged in a while, please humble reader accept my sincere apology, however once again life got the better of me (well not really but it certainly caused me not to but I’m back and hopefully better..join me once again on my journey.


One thought on “Kilpatrick should stop killing Detroit and resign immediately

  1. He should stop the killing but he won’t. He doesn’t care about the city or its citizens. He cares about himself only. He doesn’t even care about his family. Sad, but true. His mother raised him that way.

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