What if China dominates US at Olympics?

Let’s just say the Chinese do overtake America at this year’s Olympics in the overall medal standings for the first time in Olympic history would that have a devastating impact on our psyche? or would we just say oh well who cares about the Olympics anyway?

On the one hand I think a lot of people would probably lean toward the latter but I just can’t imagine the majority of Americans taking a lost like that to China, it’s one thing when it comes to overtaking us as the leading producers of white cotton T-shirts but to beat us at the Olympics..that would be like taking away our turkeys at thanksgiving..so, I can’t imagine us taking that lying down..can you?

But seriously, the Chinese are hell bent on taking that the top spot and they have a pretty good chance according to some observers..but I never bet against the US..NEVER.. no matter how good the opposition.


6 thoughts on “What if China dominates US at Olympics?

  1. I know that all of us watching the Olympics are probably thinking what the heck are we going to do if the Chinese beat us in the number of medals, but I don’t know if the athletes at the Olympics right now are paying as much attention to the medal standings as we are. They’re just thinking about doing their best in their events.
    I’m sure if at the end it turns out that China were to beat us in the number of medals that are won then the athletes will go home with crazy determination to better themselves.
    I never bet against the US either.

  2. I think your little tirade is filled with unwanted animosity. On a usual occasion, I would ignore stuff like this, but today I can not refrain from backlashing your load of crap. China’s Olympic Team is very industrious and unified. Of course they want to win. The Olympics is being held in their homeland. Did you not see their victory in Team Gymnastics? It was so emotional and meaningful. I was tearing up! I think any team deserves a top spot in the medal rankings, if they put one hundred percent effort and a lot of heart into the competition, don’t you? So stop worrying about whether or not your precious United States loses to another country because: One, you’re disrespecting the country that is hosting the damn Olympics, and Two, you’re missing the whole point of the Olympics.

  3. hey ril, yes you say the chinese are industrious, which i don’t deny. However, you must realize that these athletes are bred for these events. do you that Yao Ming was selected because of the genes of his parents? the reason it is a big deal for us to remain on top of china in the thier own olympic games is that it is important for us to show the world that free men and women can and will suceed against tyranny. china trains these athletes like they do their dogs, breaking them down, failing not an option. These athletes are competing simply because it all they know to do. Now im not diminishing the abilities of these athletes, because honestly they are amazing. but it makes you think, are they strait up about this? look at the chinese girls gymnastics team and have an open mind, are they really 16? or how about the fact that china seems to be completely alone in the weightlifting competetions, now this is just speculative but dont you think if a country could lie about the age of competitors to get an advantage, that maybe using HGH is not beyond thier scope? I understand that china is the new world power, but i just still dont trust them. did you happen to notice how the bike races went right past tienenmans square (spelling)? tibet? i haven’t forgotten that countries ideas of fair and right, and we shouldn’t either.

  4. Here’s what I think. I think people discriminate the Chinese just for the sake of being Chinese. That is the sad truth. Everybody is eagerly willing to scrutinize the Chinese for their “fake” opening ceremonies, their underaged athletes, etc….and I honestly think the Americans are blowing the situation way out of proportion. They are trying to disadvantaged the Chinese through any open opportunity available. While I certainly concur that the Chinese government should not have lied about their underaged athletes. I also think that if the Americans had done the same, no one would dare criticize them for it.

    Here’s where it confuses me. The Americans are the only ones who do the medal rankings by number of total medals. Again, to disadvantaged the Chinese. Every other nation goes by the number of golds.

    But here is the meat to my arguement! Everyone is so quick to point fingers at China every opportunity they get even for the most ridiculous matters. Yet, no one is willing to question Michael Phelp’s personal integrity. I think Phelps is a terrific athlete and well-deserving of his gold medals, but winning 8 consecutive gold medals is ABNORMAL. It should atleast arouse speculation or concern from the IOC. But again, Phelps is American. If a Chinese man or woman was to win 8 consecutive gold medals, you bet there would be endless questioning and controversy.

    Here’s another kicker! If the Americans were so concerned about the whole issue of the underaged Chinese athletes, why did they wait until now (when the Olympic Games are potentially over) to certify that the girls are indeed 14 and not 16. It’s because the Chinese have more gold medals than them. Again, they are trying to disadvantaged the Chinese…I think the Olympic Games is just a sham. At the next Olympic Games, they should just mail all the gold medals to the U.S…..that will make them happy.

  5. China BEAT the US by quite a bit, 15 golds! So what if by overall medals (Backward US system) was less? I can’t imagine the US saying China won if the medals were reversed. ‘Oh we got 15 more gold but they got 10 more overall so China wins’ Yeah right! Shows just how the US will have a double standard just to be on top, learn to lose gracefully! And as the the ‘age’ thing with the gymnasts, granted if they didn’t get the golds you wouldn’t have such a big stir, not saying who but I know at least one other athlete in the games that is underage but she got no medals so it doesn’t matter? Seems at least one of you here has a very backward view about China and the US, as it goes nothing is ever as pure and simple as perceived I’ll say the Chinese aren’t as oppressed as the West does or would like to believe and the West including the US isn’t as free as it wants to believe either…. Perhaps its cos they’re hosting but from what I saw of the chinese coverage it’s somewhat unbiased compared to western coverage, they focused on non chinese winning athletes too whereas you had very little from the BBC for chinese athletes (Of course language barrier may be one reason)

    But enough about politics, which should never get mixed into sports though it always does

    China were excellent throughout and deserve their victory, biggest shame was Liu Xiang though, can’t be ignored. The US while not no.1 for the first time in my lifetime of following Olympics still did some good stuff, Phelps becoming the greatest Olympian (Debatable cos they’re all in the pool and the opportunity is there for more medals anyway!) but nevertheless he’s phenomenal and deserves the highest praise. The Redeem team got the gold, as well as volleyball and the women’s gymnasts had two golden girls that are considered the biggest stars of women’s artistic gymnastics, regardless of not getting the team medal or that uneven bar one. Great Britain also did well too, their best in a century!

    Also who can forget Usain Bolt! What a star!

    So it’s more important to concentrate on the positive side of things, yes it’s nice if the country you root for comes on top but so what if they don’t? It’s arrogant for any nation to expect to be top dog ALL the time and it’s clear the US has gotten too accustomed to that but face it, the world is very different, China wasn’t a big contender in the past but it is now in most important things and it’s only getting more powerful, India will someday too be a force to be reckoned with amongst other nations. But isn’t that a good thing? It shows less of a divide in the world, isn’t that the point of the Olympics? It shouldn’t be a substitute battleground!

    To conclude, I’m glad China dominated every day of the games and hope they do with the Paraolympics but I would like some competition too, if its too one sided it isn’t as interesting is it?
    And for the Pro Americans, I don’t wish your athletes ill, the opposite in fact and it might please you to know halfway through the games the chinese still thought you’d overtake them towards the end, didn’t happen though i half expected it but who knows what happens in the future? Perhaps China might not do as well in London? Of course I want them to but so many factors to consider… I second Ril’s comments, people too eager to stab China, hypocrisy is rife in this area to say the least but why be such a hater? At least give credit where it’s due and not go down the path of slander, calling them cheats and liars. Show some sportsmanship!

    My favourite events were the women’s gymnastics, some good competition here whereas the men’s was far more one sided but they got less stick for that oddly whereas medal wise the US beat China overall yet still they’re complaining?! Beautiful sport regardless of the controversies, some bright stars, Nastia and Shawn strong throughout, Sandra Izbasa with the beautiful floor routine, He Ke Xin and her narrow win in the Uneven bars making her the top female gymast on the tables, Cheng Fei though she slipped up sadly did some great feats and Beth Tweddle, just missing out on the bronze. I sure hope to see these stars again in future games!

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