Obama’s VP, who will it be?


So, the wait could finally be over, Obama according to news sources is finally ready to announce his choice for VP.

I am on the edge of my seat.  We could know THIS WEEK, the other half of an Obama presidency. This man or woman (probably not) would be part of a historic campaign and an even more historic presidency.

Oh why, oh why couldn’t it have been me?..lol

I have a sneaky suspicion that his choice will be someone that we didn’t even suspect was in the running or even hone in on but at the same time I’m pretty certain it wouldn’t be the dream ticket choice of Hillary Clinton, but hey he could surprise us all and choose Ms.Clinton.

Former Senator Sam Nunn’s name has been bandied around left and right and many have floated the possiblity of a Joe Biden vice presidency but I really don’t like either of these choices but for the same reason.

While Sam Nunn and Joe Biden have significant foreign policy experience neither man can help Obama win states that he couldn’t have won without them. So in my book they should be ruled out simply because they don’t bring enough to the table.

Senator Evan Byah of Indiana and Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia on the other hand could help Obama win their  respective home state come November. Since they are not only popular with their base constituencies but also with independents and moderate leaning Republicans they could help Obama solidify and reassure skeptical white working class men and women about an Obama presidency. And while we can wish it wasn’t so or even try to wish it away at the end of the day Obama does and will need to calm any fears within this particular constituency in order to win the election and Byah and Kaine can help him to do so.

In the long run, Obama’s lack of of foreign policy and national security experience, can be compensated for with a campaign focus on national issues which are of greater importance this election cycle and in the end he must win the election and carry the electoral college in order to become President and that must be the central focus of the campaign.


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