Sarah Palin wins the vice presidential debate in St.Louis

Every pundit out there keeps talking about either how low the bar is or how much Sarah Palin has to prove tonight but you know what? Sarah Palin has nothing to prove and there is no bar. All she has to do is show up tonight and she wins.

It’s that simple.

So what if she doesn’t know anything about foreign policy.  How many Americans do infact let’s be honest how many Americans care about what takes place outside our borders? I mean who cares about those ‘other people’ all they want from us is our money anyway, right?

So what if she can’t name a court case that she significantly disagrees with? How many Americans can? All we have do is overturn Roe v Wade and everything will be fine.

So what if she can’t name a magazine or a book that she’s read or reads that has helped shape her outlook on the world? Isn’t print a medium for those other people anyway


Listen, people Sarah Palin is a sideshow, a very interesting one, i’ll give you that, nevertheless she’s still a side show. She was picked not because she helps John McCain with liberals and television know it alls or because she can rattle off world leaders and the issues affecting their countries. Please, she was selected to help John McCain steal women voters from Obama and because the photos with her and her hubby and their baby are priceless.

Insulting yes but isn’t that obvious?

And the fact she’s on the stage tonight with Joe Biden  as the first female GOP vice presidential candidate might be enough to earn her and her boss some votes and enough to quell some fears on the conservative side.

But if you believe that she will be marked equally or on the same curve as Joe Biden you’re wrong. If you doubt me listen to the comments after the debate tonight. Unless she says something remarkably foolish Sarah Palin will be judged the winner. Who cares about substance? Who cares about experience? I mean those things are soooo 2004..all I can say is Idiocracy is definitely upon us people- and she just might be our next vice president..God help us all if that day happens..


*** I will be live blogging as usual, just in case you’ll even send some of you text updates***

Go ahead and listen to those pundits now..


4 thoughts on “Sarah Palin wins the vice presidential debate in St.Louis

  1. Yes, go Sarah! let Joe Biden be the Vice President of 1-800-hair-club.

    well, his recent hair transplant isnt bad, really!

  2. Winner is such a subjective He really didn’t win. He just knew more than she did about everything and he actually answered questions and stuff with stats and facts. But he didn’t win the hearts and minds of Americans..those people at WSJ and the other media houses don’t know what they are taking about she was so folksy and down home sounding it actually made want to start singing ‘Sweet home Alabama’ (sorry but that’s the only folksy song I could think that even

  3. The Great Presidential Hot Air Balloon Race. Obama V’s McCain

    Instantly see which candidate is talking the most political ‘hot-air’ in this crafty swing-o-meter by TEQUILA\ Taking live feeds from Google news quotes service, the balloons rise and fall graphically showing who’s generating the most virtual column inches each day. You also get the chance to stick a pin in the balloon of a candidate acting as a sort of opinion poll.


    Also if you zoom in you can see Sarah Palin clinging onto the McCain balloon 😉

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