Jon Voight on MSNBC how uncomfortable..


Did anyone watch the Jon Voight interview on MSNBC today?

OMG, was it painful.

Contessa Brewer was interviewing him and in the beginning of the interview he spent almost one minute of air time talking about her name and how beautiful it was excruciating to watch and it just got worst listening to him talk about his support of John Mccain and about Obama supporters being Marxist, you would think that as actor he could have acted his way through the interview but i guess when they are no prepared lines or stage directors most of them would just fall flat on their faces as he did.


One thought on “Jon Voight on MSNBC how uncomfortable..

  1. How beautiful her name was? Rewind, he straight up called her a cunt! He said, “Is that your name, or a title? Are you a C(u)ntessa?” Listen to how he pronounces it.

    This has been a major tactic of McCain’s campaign. Twisting phrases into underhanded jabs. “That one, ” in the Belmont debate–racist. Now Voight calls a reporter a “cunt” to her face. What’s next?

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