Mccain should’ve practiced the Karl Rove fundamentals

Now, I’m not willing to say that Obama has it in the bag even though all the polls have him up nationally, there are still three weeks left to this campaign and anything could happen.

Obama is still capable of making a catastrophic misstep and those white working class voters who are still on the sidelines could suddenly jump off and throw their full support behind John Mccain. I don’t think either of these things will happen but they are a possibility.

In the last week, I’ve tried to watch John Mccain’s campaign objectively, (yes, I and all I have to say is that his campaign is undisciplined and his messages lack direction and consistency.

One day his campaign is attacking Obama’s character and his past associations vigorously. The next day he’s attacking his record. The next day he’s telling his supporters, he’s not an arab but he’s a decent and good family man. The next day he’s talking about his economic plans.

Now, if  I were a rational, intelligent, Republican leaning independent voter I wouldn’t know which message to listen too. But I do know the message that Obama is an Arab, marxist terrorist with plans to enslave white people would NOT be an effective or persuasive enough argument to get my vote.

And this is and continues to be John Mccain’s problem. His messages are inconsistent and imprecise.
And with only three weeks left to the general election this is a failing strategy.

Yes, the current unfavorable political climate, economic conditions and an unconventional opponent should have caused the Mccain camp to adjust their strategy but not so much so to cause their campaign to appear in disarray and desperate.

Karl Rove and his team would never have allowed this to happen.

For all the reasons we liberals hate Karl Rove we must admit he maintained, practiced and demanded message discipline from the candidate and their supporters and when he found a weakness in his opponents he zeroed in on it, concentrated his resources and exploited it effectively to the benefit of his candidate.

Mccain and his team, and the Republican party in general at the moment, lack these capabilities and although it didn’t work in 2006 it can be argued that it might have worked this time around even with all the obstacles.

Mccain has been trying to replicate some of the plays from past Republican play books and they just aren’t working however,  I do believe if they had practiced the ‘Karl Rove fundamentals 101’ from the very beginning we might be seeing entirely different poll results but we’ll just have to wait a few more days to see if their missteps and misfires were disastrous.


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