No so fast Obama it ain’t over till the last vote is counted..


 Obama is up in the polls, he just got Colin Powell’s endorsement  (I think this matters very little but as i say since this is the biggest job interview in the world, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have him as a reference) democratic registration is through the roof, John McCain and his campaign are stumbling and fumbling their way through this campaign while the country is hungering, begging for change.

Across the country, democrats in congressional and senate races can see the finish line and if the polls are to be believed it is there’s to lose BUT losing is still a real possibility.

Obama has so far mounted and effective defense to Mccain and Republican attacks but the American public is still unsure and ‘uncomfortable’  with an Obama presidency (in past posts i’ve explained some of these reasons) and there is a very real possibility come election day that some voters who have not openly voiced their concerns with pollsters will cast their vote for Mccain. In addition, the youth vote which has propelled and fuelled the Obama campaign may not turn out en masse thus handing victory to Mccain and the Republicans by default once again.

The Obama campaign and democrats shouldn’t, and I hope they’ve learned their lesson after 2000 and 2004, send out the invitations to the inaugural balls just yet. It ain’t over till the last vote is counted and every voter and possible voter matters in this election and I believe that for the first in almost twenty years voters are really paying attention so one little slip up by Obama in the next 15 days could usher in the end of his campaign.

And With John Mccain and his team searching for a narrow victory scenario  you know that they aren’t taking anything for granted and that they will utilize every weapon in their arsenal to win and democrats always seem to have a hard time doing the same and should Obama and democrats become complacent and start to believe it’s a done deal they would’ve have created an opening and path for a John Mccain victory.

At the moment John Mccain, thinks that tying Obama to a socialist ideology  ( I will discuss socialism at length in an upcoming post)while appealling to white working class men and women like ‘Joe the Plumber’ with his tax cut rhetoric and sharp jabs by running mate Sarah Palin will consolidate many of these low information voters behind him. And the constant signals they both transmit to voters that Obama isn’t and could never be one them (we all know why just look at him wink wink) regardless of where you stand on the right or the left is an effective often practiced divide and rule political strategy. I don’t know if it will work in this election but we cannot dismiss the fact that is has before.

However, I hope that Obama and his team anticipated these tactics and mount a quick and effective defense to them while at the same time reinforcing Obama’s real working class roots while highlighting his intellectual capabilities and ability to lead and inspire us to be better.

Democrats must recognize that they are still votes to be captured and that nothing, NOTHING should be taken for granted over the next two weeks and they do so at their own peril.


2 thoughts on “No so fast Obama it ain’t over till the last vote is counted..

  1. Amen to that…it’s no time to get cocky or think that this thing is in the bag. We know from the last 2 Presidential elections that on election day, there will be many stunts, ploys, tricks, intimidation, lost ballots, long lines at the polls, shortages of ballots, “official” looking mailings sending people to the wrong polling location and there is always the chance that Bush/Cheney could start another war before November 4’th.

  2. You’re giving me hope that enough Americans will come to their senses and find out for themselves about Obama’s redistribution of the wealth promise.

    That promise means share the poverty. Rather than a lot of middle class people and some poor welfare recips. it will be a lot of poorer workers with welfare recipients being slightly better off.

    Obama’s past will come out to even the most ignorant–there’s no hiding it forever. The media’s doing a great job of snowing everyone now so they can cash in exposing a commie president with terrorist buddies.

    Wait till King Hussein starts putting it to Israel. That’s when we’ll really get the Hammer.

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