In 2012 we could see President Sarah Palin…



Sarah Palin is NOT a diva.

Divas don’t or wouldn’t muddy themselves in the dirty, dog eat dog world of politics.

Sarah Palin is a shrewd, ideologically rigid politician that has cultivated and energized the base of her political party, the Republicans, and will undoubtedly remain a force within it for years to come.

Many have preoccupied themselves with her clothing allowance/expenses (yes, 150 000 is a bit much..but hey I would take it in a heartbeat wouldn’t you? interview missteps and basic lack of knowledge of  critical international issues.

However, Sarah Palin, in the last few months has come to symbolize the modern conservative woman. And many in the conservative movement recognize that she will not compromise or wither, as other chosen ones have when confronted by democrats, in her support of their  signature issues-pro life, anti-gay marriage and closer ties between religion (Christianity) and the state.

Palinhas them fired up and ready for ‘war’ and with the Republican party in shambles, the leaders of specific fractions of the Republican base will emerge and ultimately one of these leaders could assume control of the entire party. Palin is in a unique position at the moment, not only does she have a built in base of support but no other individual has emerged to challenge her for control after the election.

Mccain is not a threat since he has never had any real creditability or power within his party and if he loses the election any power he did have will be gone. So, Sarah Palin will brush him aside in a heartbeat and who else is there? Governor Bobby Jindal? Governor Tim Pawlenty?

While both men are widely regarded as rising stars Palin’s star far outshines theirs and that will continue well into the future.

Palin should be watched very, very closely by democrats because she has no plans of going gently into the night and if she emerges as the savior of the GOP  and it looks like she could, then 2012 could prove to be the toughest year yet for Democrats.

And should she become and even more effective communicator and better versed in the ways of Washington and the world she may yet ascend to the highest office in the land…remember stranger things have happened-a man by the name of Barack Obama is on the verge of becoming the 44th President of the United States.


7 thoughts on “In 2012 we could see President Sarah Palin…

  1. I sincerely hope you are 100% right. I admire Sarah and hope that your prophesy comes to fruition. I find her to be far more genuine, sharp and courageous than either Obama or Biden. I imagine you saw Biden’s interview with the Fla. news anchor, Barbra West? Biden is a liar. Obama IS talking about socialism. Spreading the wealth is nothing less than Marxism. The US government has no business whatsoever in dictating profit in a capitalistic society. If Obama wins, we will no longer be a capitalistic society.

  2. I think Palin is nothing more than a power hungry woman. She will ruin the country by forcing Church and state back together. She wants power and nothing more. I truly hope she fades into the background. Down with Palin

  3. I disagree strongly. Frankly, most liberals are praying that Sarah Palin stays around and runs in 2012. She will destroy the Republican party. All those negative stories about her last week, those were leaks from within the RNC. It’s the corporatists in the RNC that are trying to take her out now because they know she has the potential to spilt the Republican party in half. The corporate Republicans hate her, the retarded white trash Republican base loves her. There is absolutely no reason to worry about Palin. She can’t win shit. If she could, then she’d be VP right now. All she can do is screw it up for legit presidential candidates like Jindal, and Romney. Viva Palin!

  4. What is republicism is it not the belief in mind, I ,man, as a being of thought,other than group above all else.What you must do is grant form to his idea which at present is only a concept.
    You must geneticly engineer a race that has balance between black and white.40 eye colours 20 hair colours,this will distroy the seperation that exists, in your citys,between different ethnic groups.
    Adult minds are what rule,it is no good saying to people that you beleive in equality politicaly and not genetic equity,you must deal with the black mans capacity to dominate other races, while preaching equality.THE DEMS BELEIVE THAT WORDS, ARE WORKS, ARE WINGS in this case they would be some were out of the solar system by now.this is saddly not the case.


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