I can feel it in the air..

A change is coming…a change is coming can’t you feel it?


One thought on “I can feel it in the air..

  1. A change is coming…a change is coming! You are a blind sheep. Falling in line with the carefully researched and marketed slogans of your Dear Leader. The reality is he is a politician from one of the dominant political parties. White or black he is an ideological whore, serving only himself and the powerful elite who got him elected. I don’t expect someone on the far fringe like you to agree or even consider anything I have to say. But, Obama is a politician. He cut loose his pastor of twenty years the moment he thought it would hurt him politically. How loyal do you think he would be to you or any other liberal? Keep chanting your slogans and drying your eyes from your wonderful victory. Now the test truly comes. He is a Democratic president whose party controls both the House and Senate. No more excuses. No more blaming Bush or the Republicans or anyone else. Now its time to see what he’s really made of. And, I can promise you this: if he screws this up it’ll be another 200 years before a black man ascends to his lofty position. I wish Hussein Obama all the luck. He’s going to need it.

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