So what if Obama smokes cigarettes?


Obama is still smoking. You know it and I know it and if you believed that he really had quit that smile he gave on Meet the Press yesterday was a dead giveaway that he hasn’t.

According to him he’s tried to quit and he’s ‘ fallen off the wagon a few times ‘, code words for, ” You know I do, but you just wouldn’t catch me…” lol

But people, is it really a big deal that he smokes?  Don’t we have bigger things to worry about?

We’re losing our jobs and our homes. Our country is falling apart, state by state, figuratively and physically  and we’re worrying about whether or not the man at the wheel, the President of the United States gets a bit of satisfaction from puffing on a cigarette?

Gimme a break!!!

Smoking is a digusting habit and Obama obviously tries really, really hard to quit for his own health but I for one am not going to be worried about whether or not he lights up in the White House. I’m more worried about whether or not I’m going to have a job next year and if I’m going to be able to get a student loan for law school.

And if you don’t have more important things to worry about, good for you, you’re definitely one in a million but the press et al shouldn’t try to convince me that Obama’s smoking is one of the things that I should lose sleep over ’cause he isn’t (believe me he’s more worried about Detroit collapsing) I’m not and I’m sure millions of my fellow Americans aren’t going too either.

***UPDATE*** As of March 1, 2010 Obama is still smoking..and the world is still turning!


9 thoughts on “So what if Obama smokes cigarettes?

  1. I personally don’t understand why anything does in his personal life has anything to do with his occupation. I could care less if he smokes, just like I didn’t care that Clinton got a little something on the side…SO WHAT!

    Great post!

      • every president is a lying sack of shit.

        President Defined= liar and front man for the biggest mobb in the world… the US government

  2. With the country is facing an economic disaster and crises throughout the world, it may not seem very important whether President Obama smokes cigarettes. The public response to his struggle to quit seems to be: Give the guy a break.

    But, tobacco smoke kills 440,000 a year in the United States and 5.4 million each year worldwide. That number will reach 8 million by 2030, with 80 percent of those deaths in developing countries. Tobacco will kill 1 billion people this century. It’s the most preventable cause of death, in rich and poor countries alike. President Obama can save millions of these lives by joining the fight against this global epidemic. But unless he can quit smoking and stay quit, he might actually hurt the cause.

    The international tobacco industry spends tens of billions each year pushing its message that smoking is normal and desirable. A charismatic world leader who is an inspiration to young and old — and who smokes –would be a godsend for the industry. But if the same world leader publicly quits, and supports changes that help others to quit and children never to start, he could turn the tide on this epidemic.

    Smoking in the United States has declined in recent decades; leveling off at about 20 percent of the adult population. Meanwhile, the global reality is much worse. Countries with low or moderate per capita incomes are particularly at risk because of low tobacco prices, lack of awareness and aggressive tobacco marketing. Poor people are at much greater health and economic risk from tobacco. In many countries, poor people who are addicted to tobacco spend 10-15 percent of their household income on it.

    President Obama will battle unemployment, the real estate collapse, worldwide recession, climate change, a broken health care system, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and crises still beyond the horizon. But he should not ignore the planet’s greatest preventable health threat. Because he’s admired throughout the world and because he himself struggles with addiction to cigarettes, President Obama could be instrumental in reversing the global tobacco epidemic.

  3. Yeah, it’s just another part of his hypocrisy. If it’s not an issue, then why won’t he own up to it? He’s so full of shite, and you people who worship him are so blind.

  4. i don’t care if he smokes one hundred ciggarettes a day, but the fact that he lied? he could have just said so.

  5. some of you guys don’t even know what your talking about………. true a president should have a good personal life so people won’t accuse him for doing something that he shouldn’t have done….. but you guys should just leave him alone..

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