The Republicans just don’t get it..


Americans kicked the Republicans out of the House, the Senate and the White House and yet their leaders continue to rely on and perpetuate ineffective racial stereotypes while promoting and inciting racial warfare. After this historic general election which saw the election of America’s first black president you would think the Republicans would’ve learned some lessons over they last two years.

But I guess they haven’t. They just don’t get it.

Will Republicans ever wake up?

Will they ever realize that America has changed, THE WORLD has changed?

Their only hope of ever regaining the  reigns of power is by accepting the changes that have occurred in the political and cultural landscape of America and by rebuking and removing individuals like Chip Saltsman from within their ranks.

Now,  the  political strategist part of me wants them to keep it up ( it makes Democrats look really lie) but the moral  ‘do wants best for the country’ part of me, (you know us do-gooder wants them to put an end to it NOW since that type of talk does more harm to the nation than good.

And you know what’s funny some of them are putting their hopes for 2012 in an Indian American and Louisiana Governor  Bobby Jindal .. do you think he would like listening to the songs on that CD distributed by Chip Saltsman?


One thought on “The Republicans just don’t get it..

  1. No, the US hasn’t changed, altho the rest of the world did a generation or two ago.
    Any society which rewards the likes of Rush Limbaugh with $38M per annum plus the liklihood of a $100M bonus is still in the dark ages.
    The business of America isn’t just business, as Calvin Coolidge infamously declared. It is also the rolling back of The Enlightenment, despite the fact that America was it’s child. That was when the US was trully great, and seen as such by the world at large.
    For the past 8 years, the US has been a rogue state. Can you begin to imagine how terrified the secular world is of what is essentially a theocracy, armed to the teeth with nukes?

    Oh my, how things have changed since the heroic and secular founding fathers drafted the constitution!
    You have lost your way and the fear is that the US will drag us all down together – the apocalypse may yet prove to be a self-fulfilling prophecy

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