Roland Burris will take his seat in the Senate..OMG..


Roland Burris should not be seated, even though in all likelihood he will be,  as the junior Senator from Illinois.

Now, I’m not familiar with the laws governing the seating of a Senator who was appointed by a governor under criminal investigation but any appointment by a politically discredited governor faces harsh criticism and adds a huge blemish to the body/capacity in which they have been appointed to serve.

The Senate doesn’t need any more blemishes.

So what if Roland Burris is African American? If Burris is seated he would be the only African American in the Senate. Who cares? His appointment is tainted and by extension HE is tainted.

But it seems Roland Burris is up for a fight and the Democratic leadership should give it to him. Under any other circumstances his appointment would be met with approval BUT these are not ordinary circumstances so extraordinary measures should be taken to deal with his appointment.

**** 1/6/08  UPDATE: Roland Burris was not allowed to be seated and was turned away by the Secretary of the Senate.***

Good! He shouldn’t have been there in the first place,


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