Race doesn’t matter when it comes to seating Burris..

Senate Burris

Race is NOT an issue when it comes to seating Roland Burris as the junior Senator from Illinois at least it shouldn’t have been but obviously it has become an issue.

I guess that’s why Dick Durbin, Harry Reid and news anchors alike keep talking about it.

Just a few hours ago Dick Durbin, tried to reassure his black constituents and African Americans across the country that race isn’t the reason behind the non-seating of Burris.

He kept talking about how Burris is his long time friend and that he’s very fond of him etc etc..do you know what that sounded like to us black people and to a lot of other folks? It sounded a lot like appeasement. The irony is black people don’t want Roland Burris seated either!

But it seems that matters very little because from all appearances Burris will be seated-eventually because Reid and other Democrats don’t want to be called racist!!!

This is ridiculous. After all their tough talk all Burris had to do is show up, create a scene and then cry,  “Look, the white people don’t want to let a black man into their club,” in order to get the senate seat.

How sad. How very, very sad.

Now, it might not be as simple as that I agree but that is exactly how it appears to many in the public believe me and that to be honest doesn’t help to improve race relations in the country.

The simple fact is Roland Burris should not be seated! Period!  And his race has absolutely nothing, NOTHING, to do with it.

And the fact that he will be seated eventually simply because his appointment has been reduced to the fact that Reid et al don’t want to be seen as ‘keeping the black man out’ just goes to show that we haven’t really moved that far along to creating that post racial society we kept talking about during the 2008 campaign and had really hoped Obama’s win had showcased.

It’s a pity.


2 thoughts on “Race doesn’t matter when it comes to seating Burris..

  1. Wayne, I don’t have a clue.

    But I know that I’m very disappointed in democrats and in Burris who is clearly a qualified candidate for the post but he should have refused just as others had and a special election should have been called to fill his seat.

    The only winner is Rod Blagojevich.

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