Whatever happened to DMX?

Forgive me, I know this isn’t very important but I came across this video the other day and I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to DMX?

Remember him? Remember this song?

From recent reports he’s got a mega load of legal troubles and seemingly never ending substance abuse issues. Well, I guess we’ll  never see this DMX again will we? It’s sad that he couldn’t heed the words of this song and get back on his feet again.
****Update****  September 2011: DMX has recorded a new album. He told a Dallas, Texas radio station, 97.9 FM, that since he’s been out of prison (one month and a few days) that he’s already recorded a number of tracks and that he hasn’t decided which label he’ll be working with. I just hope the album is a success. Dark Man X needs it!


13 thoughts on “Whatever happened to DMX?

  1. Dmx was on top of his game during his first two albums,but I think all the fortune n fame just allowed him to feed into his addictive tendencies, without anyone to ground him, he was pretty much free to self-destruct.On top of that, everyone rode the dmx-fame-train,and when he started slippin,(INSERT IRONIC PHRASE HERE) no one cared to notice that he was wreckin himself,probably in fear of losing thier meal ticket.From his own lyrics, he seems to be a conflicted person, i admire,and at the same time feel sorry for him

  2. Jail, crack, dog fighting, impersonating the police, credit card fraud, fighting inmates, cussing at the judge, speeding, and home foreclosure.

    Such a shame. Talented man, lost cause.

  3. check out the music industry exposed. it’s a sick environment – in the word’s of david chappelle! i miss dmx a lot… hope he makes it out alive…

  4. Yo DMX…is not anm addict…I thought dude was till I came across videos of him.Personal interviews with da rapper reveal the darkness within the INDUSTRY.like they did Tupac they killed his image.DMX isn’t what the press made him.Did u know that when he was tried he was thee only person in court apart from the TV crew that were in the court before he came in…HOW did they know he was gonna be tried?? Is that really justice?? The industry uses u then spits u out if u don’t tow the line ..Esp if u talk bout Jesus Christ and being saved like DMX was doin.Buuut they never released the track but I have the video of it.DMX praisin God in song that can’t be a criminal speakin that deep he aint what they makin him

  5. @ Truth….

    You must be talking about his interview which I Found here– -http://www.bet.com/news/music/2011/08/06/dmx-talks-about-bipolar-disorder-drug-addiction.html

    ” DMX took another step toward rehabilitation this week by opening up for the first time on his deepest personal struggles. Speaking to Arizona’s ABC 15, the rapper once known as Earl Simmons revealed he suffers from bipolar disorder.

    “I used to be really clear on who was what and what characteristics each personality had. But I don’t know at this point. I’m not even sure there is a difference,” he said. “I’m Earl when I’m with my children. I miss my children, I miss my children, I miss my children.”

    DMX went on to say he is trying to separate his two identities and move past his well-documented struggles with substance abuse. ” I know you want to see only the good side of your Idol, But bottom line is, He’s been known to have trouble with drugs,on more than one or two occasions . That is an Addict here is Wiki’s defenition for drug addiction…”Drug addiction can simply be defined as a “chronic relapsing disorder characterized by persistent drug-seeking and drug-taking behaviours”.[8]— So yes, DMX Is an Addict. On that note I hope he finds his way back to the top….

  6. Darkness in the industry my foot… Darkness in the crackpipe is more like it. Its funny how People try to whitewash what is right in front of their faces.. I’m sure all his legal problems are some sort of conspiracy against him by **laughs** …”The Man” . Damn You guys Need A Hero…

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