Obama had dinner with some conservatives now all want their turn….



Apparently Obama had dinner with some of his harshest conservative critics the other night.

Now, it seems many prominent members in the fourth estate want their turn at hosting the president-elect or an invite to the White House from President Obama.

Tonight on MSNBC Clarence Page said he’s waiting for his invitation from Obama, Pat Buchanan talked about not being invited to Bush’s White House (code for he wants an invite to Obama’s) and Chris Matthews talked about being invited by George Bush Snr for dinner and a movie and how it was according to his father the greatest night of his father’s life and David Shuster talked about the dinner on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue too.

My God people have some respect for yourselves.

Stop kissing up to Obama let him come to you.  He’s already extended a hand in friendship to some of his former foes  (so Pat you will probably get a call don’t worry) so you can be sure he will be extending his other hand to his friends as well.


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