Obama’s first day at the White House…



I can’t believe it..

Barack Obama’s first day as President of the United States.

Can you believe this is happening? 

All these fantastic changes..can you believe yesterday? All those people and not a single arrest according to reports NOT ONE!!!

Obama and his staff are hitting the ground running they aren’t playing  no more secrecy, no more lobbyists and a pay freeze for his white house staff passivity be gone!

Doesn’t Obama’s first official day at the White House kinda remind you of your first day of school?

Well, it reminds me of my first day in Kindergarten ok he’s not going to be playing with crayons or learning the words to the wheels on the bus at least I don’t think so but you never know. Anyway, according to my parents the first day of school I jumped out of their arms and ran to the first bunch of kids I saw I didn’t even wave goodbye or look back at them and when they came to pick me up I asked “Can I come again tomorrow?”

At least Obama doesn’t have to ask to come back tomorrow, I hope he and his staff have an awesome first day maybe one day I’ll know what it feels like to have a first day at the White House..maybe..


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