Terrorists die from black plague while developing biological weapons?


Yeah, you read the headline right

According to the British paper the Telegraph,  an entire Al Qaeda cell in Algeria was killed by the plague. If this is true this is scary as hell and this comes on the heels of us closing  Guantanamo Bay (which I favor) and the discussions we’re having about the inmates there.

Just this past weekend I was talking to my husband about terrorism (as I’ve said before I have no life..lol) and I told him that I thought the next large scale attack (on Europe or the US) will be launched with biological weapons. 

I know that funding has been increased in order to help agencies prepare for such an attack but what about at the individual level what should we do to prepare ourselves for such attack? I found this site helpful in a general way but most of this stuff I already knew..I guess at the individual level you can never be fully prepared for an attack but we should insist and demand that all agencies at the local, state and federal level are beyond ready.

If Captain Chesley Sullenberger, pilot of  1549 has taught us anything is that we should always be prepared for the unexpected and to be honest can we say that another attack is not expected?

But the fact that a terror cell could be this close and that such a large number of potential terrorists had tried even after the tightening of restrictions to gain access to British universities in order to work in their labs is frightening.


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