Conservapedia consistently crooked


I  don’t know how many of you have ever visited the site conservapedia but the other day in one of  my aimless web searches (googling is addictive) I type in some weird sh%* just to see what I come up with-admit it you do it too- and viola there it

What I found was not shocking it was dare I say it funny…I’m serious the entry under Liberal had me cracking up for hours. Didn’t know this but apparently liberals like to call anyone they agree with a “professor” regardless of whether he earned that distinction based on a real peer review of his work..yup that’s what we do we politicaly correct, pornography loving liberals. We’re all about sharing the title Professor with any and everyone…lol..

So from now on people you guys are all profs..i’m serious no longer will i call you by your first names or nickname I’m done with that sh#$ guys are Professor Viki or Professor Solomon (don’t know anyone called that but I like the

This site is so erroneous it’s cool. Conservapedia go ahead and welcome the newest liberal member of your fan club.. betcha they don’t like to hear that? Hmm maybe I should add them to my blog roll?


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