Obama gives first interview to Arab t.v..


President Obama is out to change the world!

You go dude!

Obama gave his first formal interview from the White House to a Saudi Arabian television station Al-Arabiya television.

Obama is reaching out directly to Muslims. His first outreach was during his inaugural address last week and later in his first week on the job he dispatched proven diplomatic top dog, Former Senator George Mitchell to the Middle East. This week he sat down with popular Arab journalist Hisham Melhem to discuss US policy. 

 Obama is sending a message directly to the people of the Muslim world that the US is NOT at war with Muslims or Islam, a message that was seemingly abandoned during the Bush administration, and that we’re ready to sit and talk with all  moderate Muslims who are seeking to improve their lives and the lives of the country men and women.

We shouldn’t read too much into this interview, many muslims will undoutedly remain suspicious of this direct approach by Obama for a while but Obama is seeking to actively improve Muslim-US relations and this shows he is not just paying lip service to the notion and this is a start-a GREAT START. Positive signals like these will aid in the  marginalization and isolation Al Qaeda. And combined with systemic policy directives and positive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks Al-Qaeda and their allies will be  pushed closer and closer to the fringes of mainstream Muslim societies.

 And this is exactly what needs to occur in order to defeat Al Qaeda and advance middle east peace.

Obama in his first week took on the economy.  His second week the Middle East.  What will week three bring?
He’s a multi-tasker after my own heart. Young politicians watch and learn..watch and learn..lol

You know, I think Barack Obama has achieved more in the last seven days (admittedly he hasn’t even got a bill passed yet) than George Bush did in seven years!

Observation.. I wonder which conservative pundit or  politician will be the first to say that this interview confirms Obama’s muslim sympathies? Wanna bet it will occur on or will be an anchor of FOX News? Any takers? Anyone?


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