Republicans finally find their voice and fall in line..


And the public for the first time in a loooong time is actually listening and more importantly interested.

With so much riding on this stimulus package Republicans have decided to draw their line in the sand by opposing  the much needed and eagerly awaited economic package.

And for the first time in months they are actually falling in line and rallying behind their leader House Minority Leader John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Could Boehner be emerging as the new Republican leader? But that’s another story..

Anyway, Republicans have somewhat successfully articulated the difference between opposing the very popular President Obama whose approval rating stands at 70% and House Democrats. Who they have assigned blame for the package and the current lack of bi-partisanship. With an approval rating of just fourteen percent (14%) they can afford to diss them. I guess that means  they don’t hate Obama they just hate the other Democrats and all their!

And opposing this stimulus package was a gift to the GOP party it allowed them to finally express themselves in a populist manner. But what I haven’t seen or heard is a credible alternative to the stimulus package. And I’m looking believe me because our national deficit cannot be sustained at its current level and consequences loom directly over my life.

So Republicans what is your alternative?

If the government does nothing, we fall deeper in the hole but we have a shot of at least minimizing and containing the damage. If it doesn’t we fall deeper in the hole and everyone except the top 1% of the population edges closer to the brink of economic collapse and millions more will fall over the edge and the resulting impact on our society is frankly, unfathomable.

So, I ask again what is the alternative? More, tax cuts? You’re kidding right? While I agree that tax cuts, in the long term are more beneficial our economy needs to be jump started, people need some extra money just to acquire basic necessities, Americans need a jump and the stimulus package will provide those jumps- in effect it’s our jumper cables or our AAA.

Republicans have failed to show us their jumper cables and I know they don’t have AAA!

What are their proposals and solutions to help working families, the college student and the small business person today, tomorrow or next week?

You see, this is the problem with the GOP. During the election John McCain, et al, would always say they aren’t Bush but yet they could never clearly articulate the differences between themselves and George Bush and the Bush administration.  And once again the House Republicans are imitating the McCain campaign by having a counter proposal but hazy or little details on its benefits to the average citizen.

In effect Republicans are asking us to accept that their proposal is better than Democrats’ and just sign a blank check over to them? Correct? Isn’t this what got us into the mess in the first place? ?” Trust me, I know what i’m doing..” may have worked a couple of years ago but it sure as hell isn’t going to work now!  And don’t Republicans accuse Democrats of signing too many blank checks?

Hypocrisy is never flattering.

Inevitably, many of us are prepared to accept that the economic stimulation package will not solve all our economic woes but we’re also prepared to challenge the assumption that we should just do nothing and let the economy work itself out. Regardless of the outcome positive or negative Republicans will have explosive political ammunition for the 2010/2012 election.

Republicans may have found their voice this month but they are yet to find a genuine battle cry!


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