Computers will take over the earth..eventually



And Google and Nasa are planning to help them nah, just

But really I’m not that far off.  Google and Nasa are supporting a a new school in Silicon Valley whose mission is to help prepare scientists for the time when machines become smarter than people and at the same time address some of humanity’s biggest problems. 

Hmm..sound familiar and scary?

Well, the new unaccredited school will be called “Singularity University” (kinda sounds like something from Star Trek)  will be run by  Ray Kurzweil, the crazy-scientist inventor-guy-type.  He’s the kinda guy that would tell us the machines are out to get

I don’t know Google and Nasa are two of my favorite companies/agencies but this seems to be really, really out there but science does march on and as they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and I’m pretty sure some of their ‘research products’ will find their way into the marketplace then we can all prepare for war with the machines.


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