Feeling sorry for Blago..

Hear me out.

Rod Blagojevich is probably a criminal. He’s narcissistic and a  bit crazy BUT I’m starting to think that the media is  really, to use a British expression,taking the mickey’ out of him.

And I know that this is probably what he wants but I can’t help it.

I know he’s the one that put himself out there nobody forced him to do these media  tours. But there’s a part of me that is starting to cringe at ‘the abuse’ he’s taking.

You know he’s started to remind me of that stray street puppy, maybe it’s the hair, that  keeps going up to people looking for love and instead of getting a few scraps of meat or a comforting pat on the head he just gets yelled at or kicked. And instead of running away from humans, the damn dog just keeps going back for more abuse day, after day, after day.  He just wants you to like him. 

That’s Blago in a sentence. He just wants America to like him.  And America just wants him to go away and he wouldn’t. So it just keeps kicking him down hoping that eventually he’ll get the point.  And the fact that he hasn’t and that he keeps showing up at the doorsteps of the media begging for a few scraps from their table is just plain pitiful.


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