Mika Brzezinski on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave..


Mika Brzezinski  anchored 1600 Pennsylvania Ave today.

She’s awesome. She doesn’t talk enough on Morning Joe  and sometimes you might think she’s just there as eye candy and to read the news. Now, I don’t always agree with her statements and I don’t like the fact that she seems to be afraid of her dad . But if you listen to her questions and statements you realize she’s a lot smarter than Joe ‘I was a Congressman’ Scarborough and I love the visits by her father to the show he knows how to keep Joe in linee. So, how could you be afraid of a man like that? Anyway, she really should speak up more but it’s not her show so I guess that’s to be expected.

Maybe they should change the name to Morning Mika?


2 thoughts on “Mika Brzezinski on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave..

  1. Quote:

    “But if you listen to her questions and statements you realize she’s a lot smarter than Joe ‘I was a Congressman’ Scarborough…”

    True, but that’s setting the bar pretty low.

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