Obama is finally selling the stimulus, will it work?



Barack Obama is doing his ‘presidential thing’ today.

He’s out there selling himself, his party and his recovery and reinvestment plan.  Remember it’s no longer the economic stimulus packageThey’ve dropped that loser name for a more uplifting one-recovery and reinvestment sounds so much better and it kinda makes you feel good about the whole economy thing doesn’t it? ‘ Cause who doesn’t feel good a rescuing things?  Go ahead roll your eyes and laugh out loud..

Anyway, Obama is obviously the top salesman of our time and with public support for the bill at 37%Obama has  cleared his throat, fine tuned his sales pitch and embarked on a national tour via Elkhart, Indiana and a prime time news conference.

Will this work?  Can our celebrity president persuade a skeptical and depressed public to endorse and support a plan that offers little or no guarantees?  

If the numbers edge up slightly I will be surprised.  Because, right now, it doesn’t appear as if anything can get the economy and markets moving again. And the events of the past six months have forced many of us to become even more pessimistic and fearful and this will probably continue until the average person can see tangible improvements in his/her daily life. People need to have more money in their pockets and they also need to see others spending money, at the mall, at the dealerships, at their local high end grocery store etc, etc in order to boost their confidence.

However, that leads us to this inevitable conundrum how do we improve the economy if attitudes about the economy remain uncertain and despondent?  The market is a creature of the people and vice versa so if people are depressed and scared they don’t spend and we need to spend in order for businesses to invest in jobs, products and services.

President Obama is trying to convince us that government spending is our only option, i’m already convinced, but for a country built on choices and alternatives that is going to be a very bitter pill to swallow.


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