Republican senator withdraws his nomination for commerce sec


Senator Judd Gregg has decided he just can’t work with President Obama.

He just can’t do it. The ideological differences, analysts are saying, might have been too great for Gregg and the stimulus bill played a big part in him withdrawing his name.

But I don’t know if I buy that, this could have all been an elaborate ploy by the Republicans to make Obama look bad and let’s face it this looks really, really bad. Judd tells him we’re going to play ball and then punches him in the face so he can’t see the ball coming at him!  Oh, you Republicans!

Anyway, this is now the second nominee to withdraw his name for Commerce Secretary and the fourth individual to withdraw from a nomination and Obama has only been in office for three weeks!

I wouldn’t like to be the next nominee for Commerce Secretary I would know that I was the president’s third choice and everyone else would know that too!

Also does this mean that Obama wouldn’t be able to work with the Republicans over the next four years?


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