Rihanna may have been beaten up before…


According to the Daily News Rihanna may have been abused by Chris Brown in the past.

If this report is indeed true it’s not surprising what it does show and I hope the message comes across loud and clear that women of every social background and every class and even those women who appear to have it all can be victims of domestic abuse.

And the majority of the women who stay in abusive relationships believe and cling to the hope that the relationship will get better but the sad fact is in most cases it never does it almost always gets worse.

But what I find really repulsive is the fact that some are suggesting that Rihanna is to be blamed for this attack. Some have even suggested her candor and nationality (she’s Barbadian)  are to blamed, because you know those West Indian women don’t know when to STFU..that suggestion is appalling!!

But not unexpected. I’ll say it again if you feel really really strongly about all that you’re reading and hearing about this case and the issue of domestic abuse in general don’t sit on your bum get involved, find a domestic abuse prevention organization in your community and volunteer your time now!


13 thoughts on “Rihanna may have been beaten up before…

  1. chris brown, no matter what rihanna did no body deserve to be beatin up like that.what chris brown did it represents the gangstar in him and i truelly did like him but now what i felt for him is long gone.i hate him. to rihanna dont let chris full u girl you are a very gorgous lady and i know for sure that omarion will never hit you.chris doesnt deserve you.leave and never look back

  2. To black liberal You are obviously one of those ignorant ***whole who believes all west indian women diserve whatever they get, however I myself is from the Bardados and I am not like that, it has to do with the way you are brought up and its obvious Rhianna was taught to be a weak WEST INDIAN WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. True Bajan..

    I don’t know how you missed the point of this post but somehow you did.

    Maybe you should read the post again.

    I am in no way suggesting that Rihanna deserved to be assaulted because she’s a fiesty West Indian woman infact I’m disgusted by those who are suggesting that she deserved to be assaulted because she’s fiesty and aggressive.

    No woman/man deserves to be assaulted.

    What I AM stating is that women regardless of their socio economic background, culture and physical appearance can be victims of domestic violence and we need to support women and men who are victims of intimate partner violence.

    I think you should read the post again and check out my other posts in order to ascertain my views on the Rihanna/Brown debacle.

    Thanks for posting.

    Black Liberal.

  4. I do not believe in fist fighting women, but women of today always know how to hit the right button on a man. There are plenty of women who hit first, and believe in making up later. You see her heal time did not even take an entire month. Give Chris a break, he is human and I’m sure does not want to be label a “woman beater” for one incident.

  5. Chriis brOwn dOesnt deserve what he is getting. I mean come on-who DOESN’T fiight in thier relationship..giive him a damn break. I think they got in an accident and that’s how she got her bruses….get over it and leave chris brown alone..!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i think everyone needs to mine your business…everybody goes throw fights…the only different their is Rihanna and Chris are on t.v…and you are siting at home… their are always to sides to a story …not to say a woman needs to get hit bi a man…but at the same time if you act like a man… then you will get hit like one… know your place and stay there… and i think its just been blown out the way…there going to do what they want… so live your life

  7. Some people just don’t get it do they, black liberal? Some sad, sad comments here, justifying violence and physical abuse.

  8. XOLI sut your fuckin mouth and lisin it iz tur girls shouldnt be gettin hit but i think that they anamted tthat dam pic of rihanna cb would never do some thing that bad cb probile just gave her a nice sock in the eye and cb im mad cuz u didnt save that nice sock in the fro me i still love u ❤ CHRIS BROWN ❤ UN LIKE ALL THESE HATERS

  9. mine your business u are right my dad told me when i was little if u tret other poeple nice then those poeple will tret u nice back so aparintly rihanna wasnt being nice to cb

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